Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Will Be Banned In Medford

Oct 15, 2013

Absolutely no medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed in Medford, Oregon despite a state law that makes them legal next year, according to city officials.

Medford police chief Tim George says dispensing medical marijuana violates federal law and currently violates state law.

The Mail Tribune reports the Medford City Council unanimously voted in September to expand an ordinance to deny or revoke a business license if the business is in violation of local, state, or federal law. Previously, the ordinance only described how the business had to be conducted in a lawful manner.

Under current Oregon law, Oregon's 55,000 medical marijuana cardholders can grow pot themselves, or find a person to grow it for them. The new law offers an additional option of purchasing medicine from state-regulated medical marijuana retail outlets.

Representative Peter Buckley of Ashland helped write the measure. He says it's premature for local governments to pass ordinances before the rule making process is complete.

Buckley said the state Attorney General and the Oregon League of Cities have endorsed the new law, which attempts to create a professionally run network of dispensaries throughout Oregon that will help cut down on the black market.