Medford Teachers To Vote Next Week

Feb 26, 2014

Medford teachers won't vote on a tentative contract agreement with the Medford School District until next week, according to the Medford Mail Tribune.

The pickets are gone, but the contract is not yet ratified.
Credit Joi Riley/JPR

Union officials say they want an informed vote, so they will distribute ballots Monday to union representatives from each school. Those representatives will pass the ballots out to teachers, who will seal their votes in confidential envelopes.

A tentative agreement between the union and district was reached Friday after an 11-work day strike, the fifth longest in Oregon history.

According to the MEA's bylaws, members can have at least five days to review the contract before voting whether to ratify it.District officials originally thought the union would decide on the contract in a meeting Thursday.

The School Board members had planned to meet Friday to vote on the contract and call off a state of emergency that's been in effect since Jan. 29. That meeting may be postponed until the union has finished voting, according to the district.

The next board meeting is scheduled for March 10, although a special meeting could be called before that date.