JPR Rhythm & News Frequency In Grants Pass Area Now At 97.5 FM

Sep 14, 2017

Updated 9/26/2017 | 9:00 am -- JPR's Rhythm & News service in the Grants Pass area is now at 97.5 FM. Over the next few weeks our engineer will continue to work to improve the signal with additional equipment and tuning. It is our long term plan to move the antennae higher up to give a better signal throughout the coverage area. This will require the tower to be strengthened.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a new primary station licensed to Butte Falls on the same channel as JPR's Rhythm & News translator in Grants Pass and several months ago that station signed on the air. This change has caused intermittent reception problems for listeners of both frequencies. In order to address this problem, JPR has obtained permission from the FCC to move its Grants Pass Rhythm & News translator frequency to 97.5 FM -- just two clicks down from its current spot on the dial.  Consecutive with our frequency change we are also installing a new transmitting antenna and improving the location of our Rhythm & News translator so that it better covers the more populated areas of  the Grants Pass area.

Our engineering crew plans to start work on the conversion Monday, September 25th, and we anticipate being off the air Monday and possibly part of Tuesday to safely complete the work. Once it’s finished, our new frequency will provide an even better signal than we have now, especially in and around dowtown Grants Pass.  So, please excuse the dust, and make sure to tune your dial to 97.5 FM for JPR’s Rhythm & News Service

While we’re moving, please take advantage of our webstream at to enjoy your favorite programs. Questions about the change should be directed to JPR at (541) 552-6301 or via email at