JPR Changes Frequency to Improve Signal in Curry and Del Norte Counties

Sep 14, 2016

Update:  Wednesday, 9/21 -- Work at Brookings was completed and we're now broadcasting at 101.7FM. The new translator is operating well but will undergo additional improvements in the coming weeks.


We're pleased to announce that JPR's Classics & News Service will be improving for Brookings and Crescent City listeners.  In order to solve signal interference in Brookings and Crescent City, we're moving  our Brookings translator from 91.1FM to 101.7FM.   This will allow our Crescent City station, which also broadcasts on 91.1FM, to occupy its own space on the FM dial without an overlapping signal from Brookings causing interference in some areas.  The end result will be better reception in both areas, although listeners in Brookings will need to tune to a new place  on the FM radio dial at 101.7FM. 

We're able to make this change thanks to recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval of our request to improve JPR signals on the coast.

The  exact date of the frequency change isn’t known, but work will begin during the  week of September 19th and will take several days.  Brookings area listeners are encouraged to check 101.7FM periodically within the next couple of weeks.

JPR engineers will also replace the antenna of our Crescent City station following the Brookings frequency change. The new antenna  will help increase the coverage and signal strength at 91.1 FM in Del Norte  County.

Questions about the changes should be directed to JPR at (541) 552‐6301 or via  email at