JPR Changes the Classics & News Frequency in Humboldt County to 102.5FM

Jul 11, 2017

Updated 8/1/2017  -- JPR engineers replaced the microwave system that delivers our Classics & News service audio to KNHT.  The system has been intermittently malfunctioning causing audio drop outs.  KNHT is now at full strength.

Updated 7/24/2017 | 9:00 am -- JPR's Classics & News service is now at 102.5 FM. 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has reassigned some of the frequencies in Humboldt County and is requiring JPR to move our Classics & News frequency to 102.5 FM. 107.3 FM will no longer be a JPR station. 

Our engineering crew plans to start work on the conversion Saturday, July 22nd, and we anticipate being off the air Saturday and possibly part of Sunday to safely complete the work. Once it’s finished, our new antenna and frequency will allow for an even better signal than we have now.  So, please excuse the dust next weekend, and make sure to tune your dial to 102.5 FM for JPR’s Classics & News Service

While we’re moving, please take advantage of our webstream at to enjoy your favorite Saturday programs. Questions about the change should be directed to JPR at (541) 552-6301 or via email at