Jackson County Considers Dispensary Ban

Mar 18, 2014

Jackson County Commissioners are considering joining the anti-pot party, banning medical marijuana dispensaries in areas under county jurisdiction.

Credit United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Commissioners will consider a temporary moratorium on the dispensaries at their Wednesday morning (3/19) meeting.

Under new Oregon law, the moratorium would last until May 1, 2015.  It would apply to unincorporated areas outside city limits.

The new state law allowed local jurisdictions to ban dispensaries, but only through April of next year.  The timeline allows the legislature to gauge the effectiveness of the dispensary system that went into effect this month.

Meanwhile, the Mail Tribune reports the Medford City Council is scheduled to give final approval to an ordinance placing a permanent moratorium on dispensaries within the city retroactive to March 1.

The Ashland City Council cleared the way for dispensaries, as long as they adhere to state standards.

A former Phoenix city councilor is leading a petition drive to overturn that city's four-month moratorium on dispensaries that begins on April 3.