Homemade Bomb Damages Jackson County DA’s Office

Nov 13, 2013

Police say the homemade explosive device used a small propane tank similar to this one.
Credit Hustvedt/Wikimedia


  A homemade bomb caused an early morning explosion outside the offices of the Jackson County District Attorney’s office in southern Oregon. The local police chief is calling the blast an act of domestic terrorism.

Police in Medford responded to a call of an explosion at a downtown building at 4:38 Wednesday morning.

They found a propane tank on fire outside the building that houses the District Attorney’s office. Windows were broken and there was minor damage, but no one was hurt. Medford Police Chief Tim George said at a press conference the explosion was no accident.

Tim George: "No question about it, this is a criminal act. This is an intentional act and a combined effort here both on the local side, the state side and the federal side."

George said the Oregon State Police, as well as agents from the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, were on the scene. The District Attorney’s office suspended business for the day, but expects to be open  again on Thursday.  

  Police say they have no leads as yet about who committed the attack, or why.