Helping Veterans And Families Through "Homefront 911"

Oct 14, 2015

The people who serve in America's all-volunteer military represent a tiny minority, less than one percent of the total population.

Credit Arcade Publishing

And they bear burdens from their service that are often invisible to society at large.

Rogue Valley resident Stacy Bannerman works with and on behalf of Veterans and their families, and gives an unblinking portrait of their challenges in her book Homefront 911: How Families of Veterans Are Wounded by Our Wars

She visits the studio to talk about her work and her book.

This is the first of several Veteran-related interviews in a joint project between JPR and Southern Oregon Public TV called Local Focus: Debt of Honor.

The project includes an optional survey about service connected disabilities and the lives they change.

Veterans, their families and anyone with views is invited to give input.

LINKS: Stacy mentioned The Returning Veterans Project and Team Rubicon.