Exchange This Week: Healthcare, Environment & Angelica Huston

Nov 15, 2013

It's true: Angelica Huston agreed to join us on Friday, November 22nd at 9 AM to talk about the first part of her memoir.

Geoffrey Riley hosts and Charlotte Duren produces The Jefferson Exchange.
Credit Debra Thornton Photography

That's just one of the guests we've booked for this week on The Jefferson Exchange.  We'll also be talking about health care, the environment, and the death of JFK (with former host and author Jeff Golden).

Since we're getting many requests for a longer-term outlook of Exchange topics and guests, here's where our list for the week stands:

Monday, November 18, 2013/8:00            Conversations On The (Public) Forest
The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Did anybody think in the early 90s that we would still be talking about the appropriate uses of public forests two decades later?  We're still debating the future of the spotted owl and timber funding for counties. And the road show known as "Conversations on the Forest" continues in Lane County.  Forester Roy Keene and county commissioner candidate Kevin Matthews join us to talk about the ties between rural economic prosperity and forest health.

Monday, November 18, 2013/8:30            Working To Expand The Plastic Bag Ban
Take a guess at how many bags are used at stores in Oregon over the course of a year.  Multiply 3.8 million by your best guess on use per person, and we get… 1.7 billion, by some estimates.  Eugene banned the single-use plastic bags last spring, and Ashland's city council will hear from proponents of a similar ban this week.  Hear the arguments and join us with your view.

Monday, November 18, 2013/9:00            Living In The Shadow Of The Cross        
Pope Francis is making headlines with his efforts to get the Catholic church focused on the needs of the poor and downtrodden.  These are the same needs activist Paul Kivel has attempted to address in his own work.  And while he lauds Christianity's good deeds over the years, he lays out a litany of ills performed in the name of Christ in his book "Living in the Shadow of the Cross: Understanding and Resisting the Power and Privilege of Christian Hegemony."

Tuesday, November 19, 2013/8:00            Recovering Composure At Cover Oregon
The federal website is the focus of anger and the butt of many jokes these days, since it has yet to deliver on the promise of allowing people to browse and sign up for health insurance.  Things may actually be worse at the state site  After six weeks, it is still unable to sign people up, and its operators recently told clients to print up paper applications from the site and mail them in.  A Cover Oregon rep will join us to talk about the progress toward a fully functioning health insurance exchange.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013/8:30            Options For Learning About Dementia
We did not used to worry so much about dementia in old age, but then we also did not live so long a few decades ago.  November is National Alzheimer's Awareness Month, a chance to get acquainted with the many programs and offerings for people who are either patients of a particular kind of dementia, or people who just want to know more.  Reps from Arc Oregon visit to talk about what's out there.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013/9:00            Blood, The Stuff Of Life
"It's in the blood."  Ever heard that statement?  There are many notable quotations about blood, both as a literal substance that keeps us alive, and as a figurative connector that enables race and rage, kin and humankind.  Canadian writer Lawrence Hill considers both the literal and the figurative in his book "Blood: The Stuff of Life."

Wednesday, November 20, 2013/8:00        Campaigning For A Ban On Neonicotinoids
The bodies of 50,000 dead bees no longer litter the parking lot of a Portland-area shopping center.  But the impact of last June's bee kill is still being felt.  Anti-pesticide groups, including Eugene-based Beyond Toxics, are collecting signature in an online petition to ban the use of the kinds of pesticides that killed the bees.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013/8:30        VENTSday
We do not schedule guests for Wednesday at 8:30, because that's the time for VENTSday, your chance to vent (politely, please) on a pair of topics in the news.  We bring the topics, you bring the opinions.  It's VENTSday on The Jefferson Exchange, and you participate by calling 1-800-838-3760 or 541-552-6782 or emailing

Wednesday, November 20, 2013/9:00        JFK Assassination + 50 Years
November 22nd marks 50 years to the day--and it was also a Friday--since John F. Kennedy died of an assassin's bullet in Dallas.  Many of the people alive on that day hold vivid memories, and we'll invite them to join us as we talk about the day and its aftermath.  The discussion will include author (and former Exchange host) Jeff Golden.  He wrote a book imagining a world in which JFK survived the assassination attempt: "Unafraid, A Novel of the Possible."

Thursday, November 21, 2013/8:30        Adopting Agriculture As An Occupation
Has the tide turned on interest in farming as an occupation?  For decades, the numbers of family farmers declined, and the acreage worked by large agribusiness companies went up.  Now younger people are turning their attention to farms and ranches.  And programs like Rogue Farm Corps are helping them get trained for jobs on the land.

Thursday, November 21, 2013/9:00        Twisted Fairy Tales: "Alice in tumblr-Land"
As we recently learned from the author of "The Grimm Conclusion" (on Halloween), today's audiences like a little modern spicing-up with their traditional fairy tales.  Witness the cascade of TV shows putting modern spins on old stories ("Sleepy Hollow," "Once Upon a Time").  Tim Manley began mining this vein a while back with his blog "Fairy Tales for Twenty-Somethings," and he continues his efforts in the book "Alice in tumblr-Land".  Imagine princes and princesses sending text messages, or the iPhone voice Siri arriving instead of a fairy godmother.,,9780143124795,00.html

Friday, November 22, 2013/8:00            A Day For Survivors of Suicide
Saturday, November 23rd is International Survivors of Suicide Day.  It's not even in the same month as Suicide Prevention Month (September), and the issues are certainly somewhat different.  The pain felt by people who commit suicide ends in death, but it lingers for the loved ones left behind.  We'll explore the issues that arise for survivors, and the current thinking about how to cope with those issues.

Friday, November 22, 2013/8:30            Road Taxes By The Mile Come To Oregon
Cars and trucks generally pay their road taxes through the gas pump… those taxes are added to the price of a gallon of gasoline.  But hybrids and straight electrics use as much pavement, but much less (or no) gasoline.  Which is why the Oregon Legislature will allow cars and light trucks to pay up to a penny and a half per mile traveled.  We should stress here... the program is VOLUNTARY, and not intended to take effect until the middle of 2015.  We get the lowdown on the mileage-charge program.

Friday, November 22, 2013/9:00            Angelica Huston: "A Story Lately Told"
Was there ever a chance Angelica Huston would NOT end up in movies?  Both her father and grandfather worked in the business.  Yet her early life was lived far from Hollywood, on an estate in Ireland, and eventually London and New York.  She tells the story of those years in the first part of a two-part memoir, "A Story Lately Told," and she'll be our guest on The Exchange.