California Mosquito And Vector Control Agencies Off To An Early Start This Season

Mar 10, 2017

The heavy rains are producing another problem beyond flooding. All the standing water has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which are already starting to multiply.

Rivers have spread out beyond their banks, flowing into pastures, vineyards and even homes.

Standing water can be found outside in wheelbarrows, rain gutters, and buckets.

Aaron Devencenzi with San Joaquin County Mosquito Control says it only takes a couple of tablespoons of water for mosquitoes to breed.

“We have a potential for a large mosquito population this year because of the warmer weather coming in and the amount of water that’s out on the ground,” says Devencenzi.

He says people should try to eliminate any standing water around their home.

He says West Nile Virus is still the biggest threat and the season is coming early.

“We’re already starting to pick up mosquitoes right now and we’ve started our surveillance a little earlier this year because of this and there are mosquitoes out,” he says.

Devencenzi says mosquito control is sending crews farther out to inspect and spray.

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