Arrest Made in Medford DA Bombing

Nov 21, 2013

Police in Medford, Oregon have arrested a suspect believed to be behind the bombing last week of the Jackson County District Attorney’s office.

Alan Leroy McVay
Credit Jackson County Jail


Police arrested 46-year-old Alan Leroy McVay Wednesday  night as he came out of a restaurant near Medford. Police Chief Tim George told a press conference that cooperation between local, state and federal law enforcement was key to the investigation.

Tim George: "Information was obtained early on in this investigation on a possible suspect, and that information was acted upon. And additional investigative techniques were used to obtain physical evidence, and that physical evidence again linked back to that same suspect."

McVay has been charged with arson, burglary and other felonies related to the November 13th propane tank bomb that damaged the District Attorney’s office in downtown Medford. The case is also being reviewed by the US Attorney for possible federal charges … Court records show McVay has a criminal history in Jackson County spanning more than 20 years, including multiple charges of theft, burglary and drug possession. McVay is currently being prosecuted by the Jackson County DA on charges related to a burglary last year.