Another Set Of Gun Bills Awaits California Gov. Brown's Pen

Oct 3, 2017

California added many new firearms restrictions in the aftermath of the 2015 San Bernardino mass shooting, and even more currently await Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature.

Under one measure, school officials could no longer allow individuals to bring firearms to campus. Another would ban people convicted of hate crimes from owning firearms for 10 years. A third creates new security requirements at gun stores; a fourth requires updated signage and warning labels at gun stores, with firearm purchases and after safety trainings.

But the largest changes came last year. Lawmakers and voters approved background checks on ammunition purchases and bans on rifles with bullet-buttons, among other restrictions.

Gun rights advocates argue lawmakers are trying to unconstitutionally complicate gun ownership to the point of extinction. A federal judge has temporarily blocked a provision that requires owners of larger-capacity magazines to turn them in.

Here are the bills currently on the governor’s desk:

  • SB 536: Makes information about gun violence restraining orders available to the UC Firearm Violence Research Center.
  • AB 7: Applies a ban on openly-carrying long guns to unincorporated areas.
  • AB 1525: Requires updated signs and warnings with firearm purchases, at dealers and after safety trainings.
  • AB 785: Prevents those convicted of hate crimes from owning a firearm for 10 years
  • AB 424: Bans firearms on school grounds, removing the ability of school officials to grant exemptions.
  • SB 464: Requires gun store owners to choose between several options to lock up firearms, depending on a store’s layout.

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