Miki Smirl

Jefferson Monthly, Artscene Editor

Miki Smirl is the Artscene Editor for JPR's members' magazine, the Jefferson Monthly.  In 1989 she discovered Ashland and made it her home. In no time at all she found herself in JPR’s basement studios in Central Hall on the campus of Southern Oregon University.  She was delighted to find a volunteer position, as editor of Artscene, and has enjoyed compiling and sharing the work of the many fine arts organizations serving the region with JPR members.  Over the years, Miki has also worked on JPR's front desk.  Occasionally, she's attempted to “escape” from her position as Artscene Editor only to return to service. Every time a new a grandchild arrives, she heads for Southern California where Emma (11), Alex (3), and Delilah (1) are her true joys.  Like a boomerang though, Grandma Miki always returns to Artscene thanking the heavens for the little ones and the ability to communicate via Cyberspace!