Maria Kelly

Open Air Host

Maria Kelly’s first radio gig was as a substitute volunteer jazz host at JPR in 1994. Her personal warmth and extensive knowledge of diverse music genres soon earned her a spot as Open Air host.

Maria has also worked on the JPR Development team, organizing fundraising events and working with local businesses to underwrite programming on JPR. Nurturing her love for live music, Maria began producing benefit concerts for JPR at various Southern Oregon venues. Her experience producing live concerts led her to become producer of Southern Oregon University’s award-winning One World Concert Series, a position she held from 2001 through 2007.

Maria now books the great concerts presented at Redding's historic Cascade Theatre and dreams of the day the Holly Theatre opens in Medford.  She has recently returned to radio, hosting Open Air weekday afternoons.

While considering what to write for this month’s Recording’s column, I thought it would be interesting to write about the role of the producer on an artist’s album. However since that is such a broad topic that could literally fill volumes, I decided to focus on an artist who has been incredibly prolific lately as both a producer and an artist.

Best Albums Of 2013

Nov 26, 2013

JPR music hosts take a stab identifying standout recordings of 2013.

Don Matthews | Classical Music Director & Host First Concert

Having been a fan of José Gonzalez’s solo work and then his work with Zero 7, I was intrigued and then delighted when I discovered his “new” project in 2010 – his band, Junip, and their first full length recording, Fields. Well aware of his popularity as a solo artist, as well as his apparent interest in collaboration, I assumed it was just one of his many side projects, not one that would necessarily take root.