Emily Cureton

Producer | Jefferson Exchange

Born and raised in Texas, Emily Cureton found her way to the West Coast as a print journalist. She joined JPR’s newsroom in 2015.

Emily graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, followed by stints in New York City, Marfa, Tex., and Crescent City, Calif. She's always looking to hear from community members about newsworthy topics.

Penguin Books

If pictures speak louder than words, Lynsey Addario has the potential to deafen us. 

Her remarkable photographs of human beings in all kinds of situations has won her much recognition and several prizes, including a share of a Pulitzer. 

In her first book, It's What I Do, Addario shares some her pictures from war zones in Afghanistan and elsewhere, and the stories of her subjects and herself. 

OSU Press

There are SO MANY charities looking for help, either from money or volunteers. 

And now there is a book that gives a broad picture of the situation in the state of Oregon. 

State of Giving: Stories of Oregon Volunteers, Donors, and Nonprofits is a description of current conditions and a manifesto for greater civic engagement. 


The upper Klamath Basin figures to suffer through another drought this year. 

And when the skies don't deliver, groundwater is called upon to make up the difference. 

The Klamath Water and Power Authority pays irrigators to pump groundwater through its Water Use Mitigation Program. 

But the amount KWAPA is prepared to pay for is more than twice what the Oregon water agency recommends. 


The death toll from the earthquake in Nepal continues to climb by the hour. 

And the search for dead and survivors is accompanied by growing efforts to assist the living, many of them displaced by the destruction of their homes. 

American Red Cross and other aid organizations mobilize for such disasters. 

rajpatel.org/Sheila Menezes

Raj Patel eats, just like the rest of us.  But he also thinks a lot about food, where it comes from, and who controls it. 

Patel has seen many approaches to food and hunger from several sides; he worked for the World Bank and the United Nations, then protested against those organizations.

Patel will talk about food insecurity, GMOs, and more when he comes to Southern Oregon University later this week. 


"Marriage" has almost become a fighting word in modern America. 

We've certainly had a number of political and court battles over the institution and who is entitled to it. 

Oregon Humanities takes on the topic as part of its "Conversation Project" series, with stops in Medford and Grants Pass on Tuesday.