Cindy DeGroft

Folk Show Host

Music has long been one of Cindy's passions and favorite pastimes, whether playing music with her husband Mark, or picking out music for The Folk Show on Sunday evenings.

Not long after moving to the area, she had the good fortune of meeting former Folk Show host Keri Green at a music jam. Keri casually mentioned she was looking for someone to take over for Francis Oyung (another former Folk Show Host), who needed more time with her young kids. While Cindy's mind was racing around the idea, Mark piped up that she would love to give it a try. Being naturally shy and a reticent public speaker, she vacillated between great enthusiasm and paralyzing fear.

Thanks to the amazing patience & perseverance of JPR's friendly staff, and the incredible indulgence of the audience on Sunday evening's, Cindy has since become the worlds' most reluctant DJ.

Music Review
2:08 pm
Sun September 1, 2013

Sounds Of Summer

The late J.J. Cale.

I write this column as the oppressive heat of July and the smoke from local fires is hanging over the state of Jefferson, challenging my brain to summon up some of the music I've enjoyed recently. The first one that comes to mind is a wonderful documentary entitled You Want a Banjo. It‘s an enlightening history of the instrument, narrated by Steve Martin, and features many of the most influential banjo players.

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