Christina Ammon

Jefferson Monthly Contributor

Christina Ammon has penned travel articles for The Oregonian, the San Francisco Chronicle, Condé Nast and many other publications. Her penchant for odd story angles has had her snuggling with stray dogs in Mexico, dining at truckstops in France, and tracking down wineries in Morocco. She occasionally teaches a writing workshop called 'Deep Travel' at the legendary Shakespeare & Company bookstore in Paris, France. When not traveling, Christina Ammon lives in Ruch, Oregon where she writes, sips wine, and paraglides (although not at the same time!).  

Jefferson Monthly Feature
3:38 pm
Thu September 12, 2013

Both Sides of the Aisle

Provolt store owner Ruth Kealiher may call her business 'the redneck store,' but the many events there - like motorcycle swap meets and music festivals-bring the whole community together.
Christina Ammon

If a small town store is a reflection of a community, then looking around the Ruch Country Store, one gets the sense of the diverse set of people who live in the surrounding areas. On a small, recycled magazine rack, back issues of The New Yorker sit next to copies of American Rifleman. Pinned to the community board are various flyers. Housing needed for organic gardener one reads. Sagittarius, Ayurvedic dosha: vata. Enneagram personality type 3, vegan. Next to that: an advert for Medford BMX.

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