decker. Live Session

Mar 27, 2015
decker. Live Session 3/27/2015
Eric Teel

Since 2009, the Sedona, AZ based songwriter Brandon Decker has written, produced and released a trove of mesmerizing music; an expansive palette of folk, gospel, rock and psychedelia recorded under the nom de plume decker. “Tailor-made for a Coen Brothers western,” as one reviewer put it, “the music is dark, atmospheric and uncomfortably honest.

BLM Timber Sale Pulled Back For Review

Mar 27, 2015
BLM/Public Domain

The controversial "Second Show" timber sale will now get a second look from the federal Bureau of Land Management. 

BLM proposed the sale for an area northeast of Springfield, but environmental groups, including Cascadia Wildlands, objected.  Strenuously, and in court. 

So BLM just put the sale on hold pending further environmental analysis. 

Targeting Antibiotics In Oregon Farm Animals

Mar 27, 2015
Amy Quinton/Capital Public Radio

We get frequent warnings from health officials about the overuse of antibiotics. 

If the drugs don't help, we shouldn't take them. 

That's a harder message to get across to the agriculture industry, which routinely supplies the drugs to farm animals to make them free of infection and growing briskly. 

OSPIRG is pushing bills in the Oregon legislature to limit the practice. 

Remember the last job application you filled out? Chances are there was a box on that form asking you to check it if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime. For tens of millions of Americans, that box can be an insurmountable barrier to gaining employment.

Now, a national campaign has come to Oregon that seeks to prevent employers from using that box on job applications. 

Back On The Job: Unemployment Continues To Drop

Mar 26, 2015

Oregon's unemployment rate is in unfamiliar territory these days... under six percent. 

More people are employed now than at any time since the recession ended. 

The counties of Southern Oregon tend to deal with unemployment above the state average, and that trend continues. 

The Oregon Employment Department pulls in scads of facts and figures to explain the trends. 

Wikimedia/Garry Knight

Change is constant in life, but it can have a greater impact in later years. 

Aging and retirement and mortality are facts of life, but not always welcome ones. 

A program called "Age Wise Age Well," a program of the Community Volunteer Network in Jackson County, is designed to help people cope with the changes. 

AWAW provides peer counseling to people over the age of 55. 

Pump It Up: Oregon's Clean Fuels Debate

Mar 25, 2015

The Oregon legislature recently voted to continue the "clean fuels" program begun six years ago. 

The program requires companies selling motor fuels in Oregon to reduce carbon by 10% over the next ten years. 

The Oregon Environmental Council and other groups pushed for the passage of this year's bill, despite warnings from opponents that passage could set up fights over transportation funding. 

California Christian Group Supports 'Right-to-Die' Bill

Mar 25, 2015
Andrew Nixon/CPR

California lawmakers will hear a bill this week that would – as in Oregon -- allow physicians to prescribe medications that would speed the dying process for terminally-ill patients. While many Christians have religious objections to physician-assisted suicide, a group of over a million California Protestants says it now supports the bill. 

University of Oregon

Much of the vaccination controversy centers around young children. 

Oregon health officials are concerned with an older population, and a specific one: University of Oregon students. 

The Oregon Health Authority urges UO students to get meningitis B shots during spring break (March 23-27); six people have become sick, and one of those has died. 

Welfare Reform: F for Oregon, C for California

Mar 23, 2015

The days of "welfare queens" and other derogatory terms for people receiving public assistance are supposed to be behind us. 

Congress passed welfare reform nearly 20 years ago to put some conditions on people receiving assistance. 

States continue to work to curtail poverty and provided needed services, and the Heartland Institute in Chicago gives them grades. 

Sorry Oregon, you get an F, and California gets a C. 


It surprised absolutely no one when California leaders announced drought emergency measures this week. 

Precipitation has been paltry for several years now, and the winter snowpack that would normally feed streams through the summer is virtually nonexistent. 

Groups focused on the environment, including Earthjustice, raise some issues with the official approach to drought.

The concept of "fire season" has become more fluid over the years, particularly in California. 

Unusually warm weather with little precipitation means parts of the state are prone to wildfire year-round. 

Assembly member Brian Dahle, who represents much of the North end of the state, wants to reduce fire danger and provide fuel for biomass power generation. 

That involves reducing the fuel loads in the forests of the Sierra Nevada, which involves cutting at least some trees. 

Leslie McClurg/CPR

In recent years, a growing number of wine makers have been using screw caps rather than natural corks in their bottles. The trend worries natural cork producers, who have mounted an ad campaign targeting Northern California wine buyers.

Eric Teel

For Kris Orlowski, making music is about more than fulfilling personal agendas; it’s about creating something that touches the soul. Through relatable storytelling, husky harmonies and knack for hitting emotional highs, the band has touched the souls of people across the Pacific Northwest since 2010.

California Domestic Violence Victims Sue State

Mar 19, 2015
phalinn / Flickr

Several domestic violence victims say California makes it too difficult to receive some welfare benefits.

Now they’re suing the state. They’re challenging a rule that blocks additional aid for children born while their families are receiving welfare. 

Spring Break In The Company Of Whales

Mar 19, 2015
NOAA/Public Domain

Stand by for whale arrival.  Gray whales provide viewing opportunities in the Pacific a couple of times a year, and one of those times is coming up. 

Oregon State Parks is getting ready for Spring Whale Watching Week, March 21-28. 

The whales are on their way north to the Gulf of Alaska once again. 


The Vietnam war was a nightmare for America two generations ago. 

And it was even worse for the people who fought it, largely reviled by the American public. 

That attitude has changed… now there's a Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Day on March 30th. 

The date will be observed in  Roseburg with an event featuring the creators of "Viet Nam: An Inner View," a multimedia project of producer Lea Jones and combat veteran Mark Waszkiewicz. 

Welcome to America's First Government-Run Pot Store

Mar 18, 2015
Conrad Wilson/OPB

The first government-run recreational marijuana store in the country opened this month in Washington State. Revenues from the pot shop will benefit the small town of North Bonneville, in the Columbia River Gorge.

Community leaders there say their town could really use the cash. The economy in that part of the state has been slow to recover since the timber industry collapsed more than two decades ago.

"Boots On The Ground" In A Good Sense

Mar 18, 2015

Many communities host "Stand Down" events for homeless veterans, and most are held late in the year, just as the weather is turning colder. 

So it is with the North Coast Stand Down, set for early October in Ferndale. 

But the organizers are getting a head start on this year's event with a "Boots on the Ground" campaign. 

It's a literal thing: the idea is to buy boots for veterans in plenty of time for the autumn event. 

Mike Jenson / Merced Irrigation District

As California’s drought continues to deepen, one community that sits between two large reservoirs is running out of water. About 3,200 people in the Sierra Nevada foothill enclave of Lake Don Pedro rely on water from nearby Lake McClure. But the lake level is dangerously low. That’s forcing the community to find another supply. And so far, they've come up dry.