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David Cothran spends so much time in cold water, he may be an honorary penguin by now. Cothran is a scientist and photographer and ocean explorer who leads tours of remote and fascinating parts of the world for Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic . Many of his trips involve diving, with cameras, into Arctic and Antarctic waters. When trip is done, he returns to his home here in the Siskiyou Mountains.

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Working a farm is a very different business from 100 years ago. Farms are bigger and numbers of farmers smaller, due in large part to mechanization. And in this age of local food and farm-to-fork events, more people seem to be paying attention to what happens on farms. The documentary film "Gaining Ground" explores some recent trends, with a focus on farming in inner-city California and rural Oregon. The film visits Ashland on Tuesday (October 25).

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A recent report from Oregon State University outlines some of the issues facing farming and farmers in Oregon. For one thing, many aging farmers are retiring. And land costs are stopping some would-be farmers from getting into the business. Rogue Farm Corps is already at work on these and similar issues; in fact, the Corps co-wrote the report with OSU.

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"You should see a doctor," people say when you're having health issues. That phrase has taken on new dimensions in the age of almost-universal health insurance. It's the "almost" part that troubles some people; they want to see health care coverage for all. Count Health Care For All Oregon in that group. HCAO endorses a local measure on the ballot in Ashland (Measure 15-154) which calls on voters to pressure the legislature for an improved health care system.


You can complain about the weather, but you can't do anything about it. But in the minds of some people, the weather is changed by planes flying across the sky, spewing chemicals in "chemtrails." To most of the population, they're just contrails. That's the way Paul Ruscher sees them; he's the Dean of Science at Lane Community College. And he'll be debunking "chemtrails" in a talk at LCC on Wednesday (October 26).

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"The winners write the history books," goes the old saying. And it's a saying that has particularly grim implications right here in our country. Because white settlers ultimately won the war with Native Americans. The situation is explored in a play called "Undamming History," to be presented at the Cascade Theatre in Redding. It's a collaboration between the Shasta Historical Society and four tribes in the area, presented as part of Indigenous Peoples' History Day.

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Two things any business getting started needs: money and expertise. So it helps when the expertise can be obtained for little money. Or none, as happens at the weekend (October 22nd) Business Resource Forum scheduled for Medford. The Small Business Development Center at Southern Oregon University is among the entities putting the forum together.

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The race for the Third Senate District in southern Oregon was triggered by the sudden death in August of Dr. Alan Bates. Bates, a Democrat, was widely respected, especially for his work on health care issues. Now, Democrat Tonia Moro – an attorney -- and Republican Alan DeBoer -- an auto-dealer -- are each making the case that they are the best choice to succeed Bates in a race that has implications for the balance of power in Salem.

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It's not just for catching up with old high school classmates: many people get news from social media. That should not be a huge surprise, as Americans have migrated to the web for their primary news sources. But going to Facebook is not the same as going to this and other news sites. In fact, Nicole Dahmen at the University of Oregon says there are some dangers in getting your news just through social media.

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Gray wolves can't seem to stay out of the news in Oregon, and with good reason: they are growing in number. The effects are not always welcome: the Rogue Pack, OR-7's pack, gets the blame for recent livestock attacks in the region. Wolf biologist Richard Thiel has studied wolf recovery in other parts of the country; Beckie Elgin advocates for wolf recovery closer to home.


Maybe you never heard of the 1950s musical duo Tom and Jerry (you mean, like the cat and mouse?). They gained much more fame using their own names: Simon and Garfunkel. Paul Simon's presence in, and influence on, the music scene is explored in Peter Ames Carlin's new book Homeward Bound . The examination goes beyond music, to the use of Simon's music as a soundtrack for generations of Americans.

During the final presidential debate Wednesday night, NPR's team of journalists provided live fact-checking of the statements from both candidates. Below is a transcript, as well as NPR's comments.

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Many news organizations have found that their online comment sections have increasingly become places where a relatively small group of people dominate the discussion with crude rhetoric, insults and even threats. Now, a growing number of news outfits are either radically revamping their comment sections or even dropping them outright. What does this do to the model of “interactive” journalism heralded by the internet? And how are journalists adapting to these changes? J-P-R’s Michael Joyce brings us this report.

UO Gets $500M Gift From Phil And Penny Knight

Oct 18, 2016
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The University of Oregon has received $500 million dollar gift from Phil and Penny Knight to create a new campus-within-a-campus devoted to fast-track scientific discoveries.

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Sexual assault, misconduct, and harassment are topics we need to talk about... but are frequently reluctant to discuss openly. Ashland High School student Bella Head wants her fellow students to talk about them. Bella is a sexual assault survivor herself, and the founder of a sexual assault education campaign at AHS, "Got Consent?" Her efforts in Ashland mirror those of city police and Southern Oregon University , which are gaining national recognition for their sexual assault response programs.

Rather than argue about WHY we're discussing sexual assault right now, let us discuss the issue itself. Because it clearly hits some people hard. Many more people will admit privately to sexual assault than ever reported them legally. And we invite listeners to share their experiences in being affected by sexual assault or its reporting. VENTSday seeks YOUR thoughts, through our survey (below); by phone at 800-838-3760 live (or 541-552-6331 in advance); by email at .

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It's not as famous as Ashland's BIG theatre festival, but the Ashland New Plays Festival is plenty influential. Playwrights from across the country submit plays to be read by experienced actors, and just four plays are chosen for performance. Beth Kander is back for a second straight year with a new play called "Hazardous Materials."


For a guy who's been dead for 400 years plus, we sure talk about Shakespeare a lot. What can you say: he's still got it. Part of Shakespeare scholarship is interpreting his works, and interpreting EARLIER interpretations. A number of Shakespeare's works were re-written in the 17th and 18th centuries, to "improve" them for the audiences of the day. Shakespeare aficionado Geoff Ridden stages examples of the latter-day re-writes at Camelot Theatre in Talent today (October 19th).

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A new poll conducted for OPB shows Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and incumbent Gov. Kate Brown with commanding leads in their campaigns. But it contains not-so-great news for the Democratic Party’s candidate for secretary of state and the coalition of progressive and labor groups pushing Measure 97.

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Some states beat Oregon to the punch with "early voting," but Oregon still stands as a pioneer, the first state to do all voting by mail. But you still have to register to vote, and the registration deadline is TODAY (October 18th; October 24th in California). Oregon will get a new secretary of state with this election, as appointee Jeanne Atkins is not running. But she has been touring the state visiting with all 36 elections offices.