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It does not count as containment yet, but fire crews have succeeded in encircling the Stouts Creek Fire in southern Douglas County.

By dawn Friday (Aug. 21), a "blackline" surrounded the fire at slightly more than 26,000 acres.  A blackline is where the fire has burned to a road or other fire line, and the perimeter is secure. 

Not One, But Seven Wolves In California

Aug 21, 2015
California Fish & Wildlife

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says cameras have captured images of five endangered gray wolf pups and two adults in Siskiyou County.

The CDFW had previously collected evidence suggesting at least one wolf has traveled into southeastern Siskiyou County.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 11 AM ... The four fires of the Gasquet Complex in Del Norte County have grown from approximately 3,000 acres to over 12,000 acres over the past seven days. 

The fires, which were started by lightning three weeks ago, have not damaged structures or closed Highway 199. There have been no evacuations. 

Containment has dropped due to spread of the Peak Fire (approximately 4,000 acres).


UPDATE: FRIDAY, AUGUST 21,  10:20 AM ... Smoke inversions lifted across much of the area yesterday resulting in an increase in fire activity but no loss of containment. Weather over the weekend may help firefighters as temperatures are expected to drop, humidity increase, and winds staying relatively moderate in the valleys but potentially gusty at higher elevations. 

Containment has plateaued at the River Complex and fire entered the northern parts of the town of Denny yesterday . A burnout buffer zone held and no structural damage was reported.



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UPDATE THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 5 PM: Crews working on the National Creek Complex of fires near Diamond Lake began burnout operations this afternoon, to consume fuel between the fires and containment lines.

The operations are expected to create more smoke, so the Oregon Department of Transportation may close Oregon Highway 138 intermittently, with delays of 20 minutes or more for travelers.

Stouts Creek Fire Facebook Page

UPDATE THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 5 PM: The number of firefighters dipped under a thousand at the Stouts Creek Fire , a further sign that the fire is nearing containment, and that there are more urgent fires elsewhere.

Nobody should take the changes as a signal to relax.  "We’re still sitting on a lot of fuel out there,” said John Pellissier, Operations Section Chief for the Oregon Department of Forestry. 

Another quarter-mile or so of containment line remains to be constructed, and fire managers plan further burnout out operations to rob the fire of potential fuel.


Offshore drilling for oil and gas is often opposed by people who favor the protection of sensitive and significant lands. 

Except for one thing: the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund

LWCF uses offshore oil and gas lease income to purchase property for public use; grants have bought big chunks of land in both states. 

But two issues loom: Congress often diverts money from the fund for other purposes... and the fund will expire this year without Congressional intervention. 

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Where you start in society often determines where you end up in society. 

If you start poor, odds are good you'll end up poor... and maybe in prison, too. 

The playwright and actor Anna Deavere Smith explores the situation in a one-person show, "Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education, The California Chapter." 

It's about the school-to-prison pipeline that exists for many people, and Smith brings excerpts from the show to some rural communities, including to the Yurok reservation on Monday (Aug. 24). Admission is free. 

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Chapters of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are present all over the country, delivering on the society's goal of helping people in need. 

St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County defines that mission broadly, with many facets to its operation. 

One of the facets is building affordable housing, and the society just broke ground on new housing in Junction City, with additional units about to open up in Eugene (there's a waiting list). 

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 9:40 AM ... Today residents and firefighters will be facing their third straight day of triple-digit temperatures, low humidity, and smoke inversions.

Air quality remains 'hazardous' in Willow Creek, Burnt Ranch, Hyampom, and Hayfork. Mad River and Hoopa air quality is considered 'very unhealthy'. 

Containment for the five major wildfires ranges from 20 (Denny area) to 65 percent (Ruth Lake). 


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A buildup of smoky air from wildfires prompted Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality to issue a warning for several parts of the state on Tuesday (Aug. 18).

DEQ urged residents in much of Oregon to take precautions to limit their exposure to the smoke.


The judge said no.  The plaintiffs appealed.  The judge said no again. 

That's the ultra-short version of a lawsuit filed against state leaders in Oregon, filed to produce action on climate change on behalf of children, by Our Children's Trust

Despite limited success in state court (now on appeal), the group just filed a similar suit against the federal government. 


It's not just a way of farming, it's a way of life: permaculture. 

Narrowly defined, it's about agriculture that can be sustained indefinitely, because it is agriculture that acknowledges the needs and rhythms of the ecosystem being farmed. 

And it's not just for the country.  The Northwest Permaculture Convergence is an annual gathering of permaculture devotees, to be held in a suburban setting for the first time this year, in Eugene. 

UPDATE: SUNDAY, AUGUST 16, NOON. … Over 140,000 acres have burned and containment is above 25 percent in all the fires except the River Complex near Denny. An Air Quality Alert has been issued with "hazardous" conditions in Hyampom, Denny, and Hayfork. Very unhealthy conditions persist in Burnt Ranch and Mad River. Forecast for the next few days is for high temperatures approaching 100 degrees and humidity below 20 percent.





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UPDATE: SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 4:30 P.M. ... Burnout operations began yesterday on the Stouts fire with a small section of line along the southeastern portion of the fire line, along Forest Service Road 3201, one-half mile northwest of Diamond Rock. 

The Stouts Creek Fire Incident Management Team is hosting a public meeting today at 6:30 p.m. at the Azalea Community Church, 362 Upper Cow Creek Road, Azalea, Oregon. Fire managers will present the plan for the burnout and contingency plans for structure protection.

The fire is 24,389 acres and 67% contained. 

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UPDATE: SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 4:50 P.M. ... Yesterday’s cooler temperatures and higher humidity moderated fire behavior and the Crescent Fire did not increase in size significantly. No major smoke columns were visible in the afternoon. Firefighters continued to extinguish any smoldering vegetation on the spot fires north of Highway 230.

Fire crews also extended the length and depth of their burn-out operations along State Highway 230 to further secure and strengthen that containment line.

The closure of State Highway 230 remains in place. 

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UPDATE: SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 4:30 P.M. ... Crews are making progress on the Collier Butte fire burning in Oregon's Kalmiopsis Wilderness, east of Gold Beach in Curry County.

But a coming change in weather could pose challenges for firefighters.

The fire has burned 5,607 acres so far and is 20 percent contained.

UPDATE: FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 4:14 P.M. ... The Gasquet Complex of fires burning in the Six Rivers National Forest in Del Norte County now totals 3,069 acres. The fires are 29 percent contained.

Maybe you know one of those people who is just afraid of bees, and runs when they come near.  They may not change quickly, but society's attitude toward bees is evolving. 

Massive bee kills and ongoing population problems have highlighted the importance of, and challenges to, bees. 

They got their own day this year, with August 15th designated Native Bees Conservation Awareness Day in Oregon. 

The Klamath River's vital importance to both Oregon and California explains the frequent disagreements over how its water will be used.  The debates rage even in non-drought years, and 2015 is not one of those.

The federal Bureau of Reclamation continues work toward an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Long-Term Plan for the Protection of Adult Salmon in the Lower Klamath River. 

Shorter version: it's a plan that should take some of the annual ups-and-downs out of the late-summer releases of additional water into the Trinity River.

BOR just finished a series of open houses on the project and will take public input until Thursday, August 20.