Siskiyou Food Assistance

The interactive map at the website of Feeding America shows the levels of food insecurity county-by-county across the country. 

And one county in our region stands out: Siskiyou County is the county most likely to contain hungry people, and it is listed as the most food-insecure county in California. 

Siskiyou Food Assistance is one of several organizations working to help feed local residents. 

Butte Falls School District

Some schools are just closer to nature than others. 

So it is with Butte Falls Charter School, nestled in the foothills of the Cascades.  Trees and mountains and streams are all close at hand, and part of the educational curriculum for the school. 

In fact, the school is now in charge of restoring a long-closed fish hatchery to help teach students. 

Jerry Brown Eyes Chance At Renewing Cap-And-Trade Program

May 11, 2017
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

California Gov. Jerry Brown is likely to want to continue the state’s signature climate change-fighting program — cap-and-trade — past 2020, when it’s set to expire.

Jennifer Margulis / JPR

It’s not a hug. It’s hygge (roughly pronounced “HOO-guh”), the Danish word for “cozy togetherness.”

Now, the Danish tradition of  hygge is on the radar of some Oregon parents. 

And JPR’s Jennifer Margulis is hoping to get some for Mother’s Day.

Our entire region is prone to landslides, and the chances are higher in the rainy coastal areas.  Case in point: Last Chance Grade, on US 101 in Del Norte County. 

The road sits on an active landslide, and road crews are constantly working to shore it up and keep it from collapsing. 

Plans are in the works to move the road to a safer area, but money and environmental laws are keeping the progress slow.

Few of us are equipped to understand the challenges of mental illness. 

And that's why we hear the voices of people struggling with mental health in our monthly segment "Compass Radio."  It is co-produced by Compass House in Medford, a center that functions on the clubhouse model of mental health care. 

This month, Compass House members talk about hobbies and how those help the members in their progress, in recordings made at the house. 

Oregon Department of Forestry

After a long-running effort to sell it, it looks like the Elliott State Forest along Oregon’s southern coast will remain in public hands after all. At a meeting of the state’s State Land Board this week, the governor and two other officials chose to cancel the sale of the forest to a Native American tribe and a timber company.

EarthFix reporter Cassandra Profita was there, and she speaks with JPR’s Liam Moriarty about what happened. 

Neil McIntosh/Flickr

People may sit atop the food chain on Earth, but they can certainly learn things from the other animals. 

The Kerulos Center in Southern Oregon is all about respecting animals and their rights. 

Center director Gay Bradshaw has some ideas about how animals think; she presents her thoughts in a talk at Southern Oregon University. 

Arturo Pardavila III, CC BY 2.0,

One giant TV chain wants to buy another giant TV chain. 

Stephen Colbert's presidential insults draw the attention of the FCC chair. 

Social media "influencers" played a role in the recent Fyre Festival fiasco. 

Yep, always SOMETHING to talk about in the media, and we gather up some highlights for our monthly chat "Signals & Noise" with Southern Oregon University Communications faculty Precious Yamaguchi and Andrew Gay. 

Marylhurst University

It only took a few thousand years, but Oregon has its first official Native American Poet Laureate. 

Elizabeth Woody was named Oregon Poet Laureate by Governor Kate Brown last year. 

Woody is member of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, a writer in several genres and a visual artist as well. 

She visits Ashland for a speaking engagement (May 11), and drops by the studio for a visit. 

Nature Conservancy

Think of TEK as a combination of the very old and the very new. 

It's an acronym for Traditional Ecological Knowledge, like the knowledge of land management gained by indigenous people over thousands of years.  TEK practices are still very much valid today, including in fire management. 

Margo Robbins is a member of the Cultural Fire Management Council of the Yurok Tribe, and she joins other fire managers at this week's Klamath Fire Ecology Symposium


Norma Paulus was a key figure in Oregon politics in the 70s and 80s, and ran for governor in 1986. 

She missed there, but she was Oregon's first female secretary of state and later served as state school superintendent. 

Her years in the limelight are told in her book The Only Woman in the Room: The Norma Paulus Story

Josephine County voters have a chance to make the public libraries truly public once again in the May 16th election. 

Hard budget times for the county forced it to close the libraries as public entities years ago... they've operated since then with a non-profit organization doing the work. 

The May ballot includes measure 17-79, to form a library district as Jackson County did several years ago, with a property tax rate to support it. 

Voters will also decide on candidates for the library district board, should the measure pass. 

Riverbend Live!, the free weekly music series in Winston, Oregon turns 21 this year, and the season kicks off July 7th with the wildly creative and exciting Dirty Bourbon River Show.

Winston’s annual tradition continues this year at the outdoor theatre at Riverbend Park. Each concert will start at 7pm. You are invited to bring your blanket or lawn chair, but no pets.  There will a variety of food booths, or if you prefer, bring your picnic basket. To learn more, visit

The season includes:

Demand For California Wine Hit An All-Time High In 2016

May 8, 2017

California wine sales just in the U.S. have climbed almost 5 percent over last year with sales of $34 billion.

According to the Wine Institute, the growth trend is being driven by population, up by 12 percent over the last decade.

Todd Rosenberg

The WFMT Radio Network's American Opera Series returns to JPR's Classics & News Service on Saturday, May 20th following the conclusion of the Metropolitan Opera season.

Highlights of this season include: Berlioz’ epic Les Troyens (June 3), and Tchaikovsky’s lyric masterpiece Eugene Onegin (July 8). Stars of this season include Eric Owens (Das Rheingold), Christine Goerke (Les Troyens), Mariusz Kwiecień (Eugene Onegin), and more!


The term "streamside buffers" sounds innocuous enough, but it's a subject of some tension in Oregon. 

The Oregon Department of Forestry proposes new rules for the buffers in part of the state... meaning logging on private lands by certain streams will have to leave more land untouched to preserve water quality. 

Wider buffers means fewer trees cut, so there's some resistance from the Oregon Small Woodlands Association and other timber groups. 


It's possible that half of the people in California who need mental health treatment do not get it. 

And money is not the only issue; social stigma also keeps people from getting mental health care. 

Those are just some of the findings of a white paper from the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

And the younger you are, the more acute the situation: the same paper figures two-thirds of adolescents who need treatment don't get it. 

Report: California Doesn't Know If Its Business Tax Breaks Work

May 8, 2017
torontocitylife / Flickr

California does a poor job tracking the impact of billions of dollars in tax breaks and credits it provides to businesses each year, according to a new national study.

Search Is On For Migrating Gray Whale Entangled In Metal Frame

May 8, 2017
Courtesy of Michael White

The plight of a gray whale whose head and neck are tangled in a large metal frame has inspired a growing effort among whale advocates to find, track and possibly free the animal — against long odds.