Less is More
7:37 pm
Tue June 24, 2014

Getting Small: The Joys and Challenges of Tiny House Living

A 117 square foot tiny house north of Seattle, WA.
Credit Zoey/

Since 1950, the size of the average American house has nearly tripled, to more than 2,400 square feet. Not coincidentally, US consumers on average also pay a much larger portion of their income on keeping a roof over their heads.

Now, as JPR’s Liam Moriarty reports, a small but growing number of people – in the Northwest and beyond -- are scaling back their housing needs and trading square footage for more time and freedom. 

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Midwives To The Rescue?
7:12 pm
Tue June 24, 2014

Three Possible Fixes For Humboldt OB/GYN Dilemma

Dr. Jack Anderson has Anderson has been delivering babies in Humboldt County for nearly 40 years and thinks it may be time to turn the prevailing US childbirth model upside down.
Credit Michael Joyce/JPR

Across the US, there’s an anticipated 35 percent shortage in the number of obstetrician-gynecologists over the next 35 years.  The situation will be worse in rural counties, half of which already do not have OB/GYNs. JPR takes a look at three potential solutions being explored in Humboldt County and why they may or may not work.

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Jefferson Exchange | June 24, 2014 | 8:00
10:10 am
Tue June 24, 2014

Traffic Cameras That Change The Lights

Credit Wikimedia

Alex Georgevitch describes the workings of the new traffic light systems.

Anybody who's been driving for a while learns to look for the devices buried in the pavement that trigger changes in traffic lights. 

But those old devices--you know, make sure your car is directly over the sensor--are being replaced. 

Now cameras are being used to gauge traffic waiting for a green light. 

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Jefferson Exchange | June 24, 2014 | 8:30
10:10 am
Tue June 24, 2014

Stream Bacteria Levels Rise To Unhealthy

Bear Creek and the I-5 viaduct in Medford.
Credit Wikimedia

Greg Stabach describes the water quality issues in Bear Creek and some neighboring streams.

And now, another effect of the drought: higher bacteria levels in streams. 

It figures... less water means less dilution of naturally-occurring bacteria, and warmer water promotes the growth of bacteria. 

But several streams around the region are showing unsafe levels of bacteria. 

Those include a handful of Rogue Valley streams. 

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Live Session Archive
9:51 am
Tue June 24, 2014

Trevor Hall Live Session

Aired 6-24-2014

Trevor Hall realized at a very young age that music was more than just a passion. As an eleven year old, playing harmonica beside his father in the cradle of the weeping willows of South Carolina, music quickly became his most intimate companion, guide and creative outlet. In his elementary years, he began to write his own songs and perform them locally.

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Fragile Rural Health Care System
8:39 am
Tue June 24, 2014

OB Care In Humboldt County Nears The Breaking Point

Credit Chris Downer via Creative Commons

The United States is facing a shortage of obstetrician/gynecologists of nearly 25-percent over the next 15 years. 

The strain is already being felt in rural areas such as Humboldt County, California, where the ratio of OB/GYNs to women is about one-third the national average.

Why that is, and what can be done about it,  says as much about the plight of rural health care  as it does about who will - or won’t - be there to deliver our babies.

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Community Meeting Monday Evening
4:36 pm
Mon June 23, 2014

Bryant Fire Lined; Growth Stalled

A plane drops chemical retardant near the Bryant fire in Klamath County.
Credit Chris Friend/Oregon Dept. of Forestry

A Klamath County wildfire that put up a fight over the weekend is slowly coming under control.

The Bryant Fire started Thursday six miles from the town of Bonanza, and quickly covered hundreds of acres. 

It's been burning in heavy timber owned by Jeld-Wen, the Klamath Falls door-and-window maker. 

Reports early Monday put the fire's size at 1,361 acres.  Firefighters succeeded in getting a line around the fire over the weekend, with full containment expected later in the week.

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Jefferson Exchange | June 23, 2014 | 8:00
10:10 am
Mon June 23, 2014

California Whooping Cough Cases Reach Epidemic

Vaccines had almost eliminated whooping cough as a health issue.
Credit Public Domain

Dr. Kathleen Harriman describes whooping cough and its prevention.

By early June, California already had more cases of pertussis (whooping cough) than in all of last year.

Translation: there's a whooping cough epidemic in California. 

Pertussis is another disease for which there is a vaccination, but the disease has come back from the brink of disappearing. 

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Jefferson Exchange | June 23, 2014 | 8:30
10:10 am
Mon June 23, 2014

Water Wise Lawns (With $ Attached)

It takes a lot of water to keep a lawn this green.
Credit Wikimedia

Julie Smitherman details the Lawn Replacement Program in Ashland.

It has become nearly impossible to move around the city of Ashland without seeing signs urging people to "Be Water Wise." 

Assuming no midsummer rainstorms ending the drought, water restrictions will ratchet down water use in the weeks ahead. 

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800 Acres+ Friday Evening
4:48 pm
Fri June 20, 2014

Slow Progress On Klamath County Fire

The Bryant Fire burns in Klamath County timber Thursday afternoon.
Credit Kellie Carlsen/Oregon Dept. of Forestry

A wildfire burning in eastern Klamath County is giving firefighters challenges.

The Bryant Fire grew to more than 800 acres Friday, burning on private timberland six miles from the town of Bonanza.

The Oregon Department of Forestry assigned a Type 2 State Fire Team to take over management of the fire, effective at 6 PM Friday.

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