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Jun 8, 2015

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National Weather Service, Medford

The heat is not the only issue with the weather. 

Thunderstorms are more likely on Tuesday (6/9), so the National Weather Service upgraded a Fire Weather Watch to a Red Flag Warning for the central part of our listening area Tuesday, 11 AM to 11 PM.

Some thunderstorms may bring abundant rainfall, but some could arrive with little precipitation, starting fires around the region.


While legislatures in other states continue to work on bills restricting abortion, Oregon is getting out front on birth control. 

House and Senate have both passed a bill that would guarantee no out-of-pocket costs for women prescribed a year of birth control. 

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon played a major role in passage of the bill. 

Robert Neff/Fifth World Art

Jackson County and the federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are teaming up with an ambitious goal: housing all homeless vets by the end of the year.

Vets can have it rough: we hire them, train them, put guns in their hands, and send them off to war.  But once they're done in the military, veterans meet with mixed success finding places in society. 

A new program will pump money into efforts to get veterans into homes, with $6 Million coming to Jackson County through ACCESS, Inc

ACCESS is Jackson County's community action agency, the focus of several anti-poverty programs. 


Our attitude toward veterans certainly has done an about-face in 40 years. 

Vets returning from the Vietnam war were met with disdain and outright hostility in many places. 

Now we often thank vets for their service to the country, a service most of us can scarcely understand. 

Southern Oregon veterans and their stories get time in the spotlight--and on camera--in a public TV series called "My Story of Service." 

California's attorney general may take the owners of a burst oil pipeline to court.

Drought plus fish is likely to result in dead fish. And conservation groups say California can do more to protect the fish.


If you don't feel well enough to come to work, you call in sick and stay home until you feel better.  That's the ideal situation. 

The reality is that many people come to work when they're sick, some because they do not get paid when they do not work. 

A coalition of groups continues to push for paid sick leave for all workers in Oregon through a bill in the Senate. 

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden continues to celebrate the passage of the USA Freedom Act, but says there's more to do.

The federal government's power to collect phone call data and hold it expired at the end of May. 

Congress had to scramble to pass a new program, but it does not restore the power to hold the data, phone companies will hold it instead. 

Wyden worked for a long time to stop the federal collection.  And he says the efforts to find the balance between security and privacy do not end there.

Nearly twice as many Californians are concerned about the drought as are concerned about the state of the economy.

The California took a major step toward joining Oregon in allowing medication to hasten the end of life for terminal patients.


David Pittman began writing a blog about being sexually abused as a teenager.  The blog caught on, and led to the formation of a non-profit group, Together We Heal

TWH works to help survivors heal, and to help educate the public about child sexual abuse. 

Those are goals shared with the Children's Advocacy Center of Jackson County. 

California Governor Jerry Brown's targets for water conservation are going to be tough to hit, if last month is any indication.


Oregon's governor wants to make a dent in the problem of finding affordable housing in the state. 

A big dent: Kate Brown proposes spending $100 Million to build low-cost housing around the state. 

That's music to the ears of the people at Neighborhood Partnerships, an organization that works for economic opportunity and financial stability. 

Community Supported Shelters

We've been talking about homelessness for decades now.  Yet it seems like we're just beginning to understand its causes and effects... to say nothing of the people who end up homeless. 

Community Supported Shelters in Eugene had something to say. 

CSS helps shelter the homeless at places like Opportunity Village Eugene.  CSS and some partners just assembled a documentary and still-photography project, "The Dignity Project," to help people know and understand the faces and stories of homeless people. 

California's lead water agency board meets on Tuesday, with options on salmon management ranging from bad to terrible.

The same critters with the horrible name causing issues in Oregon are impacting crops in California.

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Jun 1, 2015

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Wikimedia Commons

A federal judge's decision Friday leaves Jackson County's ban on genetically engineered crops (GMO) on the books, due to take effect June 5th.

Magistrate Judge Mark Clarke's decision, released Friday afternoon, rejects an attempt by the law's opponents to block it under Oregon's "Right to Farm" law.

Lawns will die and crops will wither in the fields, but California's economy may not suffer as much from drought as you might think.