There's a sigh of relief from conservation groups about the congressional reauthorization of LWCF, the Land and Water Conservation Fund.  But it's just a sigh, not a cheer. 

Congress kept LWCF alive for three more years, but with funding for only one. 

Groups like the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association wanted more; NSIA calls the move "a band aid." 

Out With The Old In With The New

Dec 18, 2015

As we greet 2016, we're making some significant changes to the JPR members' magazine, The Jefferson Monthly. Effective March, 2016, The Jefferson Monthly is becoming The Jefferson Journal.  The Jefferson Journal will arrive in your mailbox every two months starting with the March/April issue.  We’ll take a publishing hiatus in January and February in order to redesign and launch the new publication – which will include all the favorite content our readers tell us they enjoy most as well as a few added features.

Liam Moriarty/JPR News

It's not that so much time has passed--not even three months--since the Umpqua Community College mass shooting in Roseburg.  It's that several other large-scale shootings have happened since that time. 

Our colleague talk show, Think Out Loud on Oregon Public Broadcasting, made plans to return to Roseburg for a town hall-style meeting in early December.


Plenty of people walk around thinking that corporations and people with lots of money call all the shots economically and politically. 

Some, like believers in "community rights," work to counteract the power of corporations and their owners. 

Community Rights Lane County is one such group, urging people within Lane County to exercise their rights to determine local policies. 

OSU Press

If the Cascade Mountains are Oregon's backbone, the Willamette River is something like its main artery. 

Most of Oregon's population lives within a few miles of the big river, which rises in Lane County and flows north to Portland and the Columbia. 

The Mid-Valley, roughly halfway between Eugene and Portland, is the focus of a book of essays called Wild in the Willamette

Notable regional authors contributed works hailing the natural wonders of the river and its environs.

We've gotten past the point where we think of breast removal surgery after cancer as a disfigurement.  Or have we? 

Ashland nurse Katelyn Carey wants to make sure we have, with her recently published book Beauty After Breast Cancer.

The coffee-table book features glossy photographs of bare-chested women (and one man) displaying the surgical options for breast cancer patients, so people know what their bodies will look like.

Is it possible the recent wave of Celtic entertainment began with Tomaseen Foley and "A Celtic Christmas"?  It's possible... he's certainly been at this for a while. 

Foley grew up in Ireland in the 1950s, when life was still primitive in some ways. 

He gathered up his stories and some musicians, singers, and dancers, and staged his first Christmas show nearly two decades ago. 

Red Hen Press

The current emphasis on the STEM subjects in school--Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math--leaves a few educators cold.  Because there's more to creating a well-rounded individual than what's in books. 

Paul Cummins certainly thought so in his 32 years at the ground-breaking Crossroads School in California. 

The school challenged the notion that a quality private education is only for rich, white, and privileged kids.  His memoir, Confessions of a Headmaster, recounts his years as an educator, and considers where education is moving today.

Oregon Dept. of Agriculture

Officials with the Oregon Department of Forestry knew Applebee Aviation had lost its pesticide license before they let the company spray weed killer over 800 acres of state and private land.

This failure to stop a pesticide sprayer after suspending its license is the latest example of Oregon’s inability to prevent problematic forest pesticide applications.

Deviant Art/Wikimedia

Anybody with some money to invest can certainly find places to put that money.  So why not invest in local businesses? 

That's the question answered by the Hatch Oregon Network, which works to pair local investors with local businesses that need capital. 

Think of it as spending money on Main Street before Wall Street. 

It's the season for voices raised in song.  And in argument, too... the Republican presidential candidates debate again on Tuesday night (Dec. 15), and we're asking you what you've gotten out of any of the presidential debates so far.

That's one topic in this week's VENTSday. 

We'll go all pop-culture in the other topic: new "Star Wars" movie: yay or yawn?  Worth waiting in line, or wait for it to hit cable?

VENTSday is our weekly opinion forum... there's no guest, just calls and emails from listeners on the two topics of the day. 


In The Shadow of God is fiction by an author who lives in our region, but it's fiction based on his life. 

Samuel Nala met his wife, Justina, in her native Venezuela, and they've marveled at the changes in the country in the last few years. 

Hugo Chavez had consolidated a lot of power, but he died of cancer two years ago, leaving Nicolas Maduro in charge. 

Now Maduro is challenged by an opposition party controlling Venezuela's legislature, so the changes continue. 

Outage Update In Siskiyou & Shasta Counties

Dec 15, 2015

Updated 12/17/2015 | 8pm -- Power went off again on Soda Mountain today and has been intermittent.  When power stabilized late in the day our audio didn't recover. Our engineer will need to snowmobile into the site tomorrow.  In the meantime all our services are off air, except for News and Information in Shasta County.

Updated 12/17/15 | 8pm -- A fallen tree on the power line is being cleared on Gilbert's Peak. We're focusing our energy on helping the site owner get this accomplished.  We'll keep you posted.

Updated 12/16/15 | 4pm -- It appears the cause of the power outage on Gilbert's Peak is a severed line going up the mountain on private property.  We are exploring alternative ways to get power to the site while the break in the line is found.

Weather Related Outages in the Klamath Basin

Dec 15, 2015
Darin Ransom | JPR Director of Engineering

Updated 12/17/2015 | 8pm -- Power went off again on Soda Mountain today and has been intermittent.  When power stabilized late in the day our audio didn't recover. Our engineer will need to snowmobile into the site tomorrow.  In the meantime all our services are off air.

Professional skater Molly McNerney MacGowan was only 4 years old when her older brother took her skating in San Francisco.  His reaction was, “This kid can go out and just skate.”

Susan Langston

Dungeness crab season can mean good eating for buyers and good money for sellers. 

But for the moment, crabbers on both sides of the state line can only wait. 

The crabs are showing high levels of domoic acid, the result of a huge toxic algae bloom in the ocean this year. 

Oregon's Dungeness crab season usually starts around December 1st, but no crab can be taken while toxin levels remain high.


If you want to convince people that your product is "green," slapping a green label on it probably won't do it. 

A blue label might, though. 

University of Oregon marketing professor Aparna Sundar found that the connotations of certain colors affect how people perceive the products they buy: even the most environmental-friendly product could still turn off consumers with a red label. 

Audio Pending...

Two of the larger issues of our time, environmental degradation and mass incarceration, come together in one movement with The Prison Ecology Project

Its founders noticed that prisons and jails are often not environmentally friendly--not just to their residents, but to people who live nearby. 

So the project focuses its attention on finding remedies for populations inside and outside prison walls. 

Weather Related Outages Across the Listening Area

Dec 14, 2015

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