'Bullet Button' Ban And Other California Gun Laws Take Effect On Jan. 1

Dec 19, 2016
James Case / Flickr

California lawmakers and voters approved major changes to state gun laws this year. Some have already gone into effect, some start at the beginning of the new year, while others don’t kick in until later. Here's a brief rundown of major changes.

University Of Oregon's Federal Research Funding In Doubt Under Trump

Dec 19, 2016
Alan Sylvestre/OPB

The University of Oregon is awaiting the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump in the new year with a disconcerting level of uncertainty about his plans for federal funding of research.


A major story in American history took place in the Klamath Basin, and it will be acknowledged more prominently in the future.  The only question is HOW prominently. 

The Tule Lake area was home to internment camps during the second world war, keeping Japanese-Americans away from their homes and out of the general population. 

The Tule Lake Unit of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument is developing a management plan for how to better tell the story of what happened there. 

Public meetings have already been held and comments have been received. 

Public Domain/Wikimedia

Unless your family is rich or famous or both, you will not be reading about ancestors in history books. 

But every family has a story to tell, and oral historians Daniel Alrick and Julie Kanta help them get told. 

They record interviews with people about their lives and families, a process that started with Julie's college capstone project a couple of years back. 

It's become a business, Living Legacy

Carrie Boyle/KQED

There’s a fisherman in California’s Mendocino County who’s invented a kind of underwater vacuum cleaner to deal with a problem that’s threatening his livelihood: disappearing kelp forests. 

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Climate change concerns the planet at large, but requires action at many levels. 

The City of Ashland is one of many local communities that opted to develop a Climate and Energy Action Plan

It is in draft form, has received a large amount of public input, and is moving toward a final document.

Most scientists believe climate change is caused by humans. 

But there are still plenty of holdouts in society. 

Maybe they just need to hear the facts a different way.  How about through rap? 

Done already... Baba Brinkman is a Canadian rap artist who has even put Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in rap form. 

He takes on climate change in "The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos." 

California Utilities Want To Charge Your Electric Car, Boost Stagnant Power Demand

Dec 14, 2016
Ben Bradford/Capital Public Radio

Electric utilities have an existential problem. The demand for electricity is not growing like it used to, dampening the need for new power plants, power lines and other infrastructure that drive their profits.

JPR and the Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University present Väsen in concert Wednesday night, April 19th at the SOU Music Recital Hall in Ashland at 8pm.

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Maybe you get confused by those news stories about fish swimming back into their native rivers from the ocean. 

Put aside how they find their way... how do we, as humans, keep track of which species belongs where?  How do species differ from stream to stream? 

These are among the questions to be answered by an Aquatic Environmental DNA Atlas for the Western United States now in the works. 

Dan Isaak of the Forest Service is one of the people helping to compile the atlas. 

River Design Group

The Rogue River is a very different stream from just a decade ago. 

The removal of Savage Rapids, Gold Hill, and Gold Ray Dams from the river means it now flows freely from North of Shady Cove, all the way to the Pacific. 

But the Rogue River Watershed Council says there's still work to do, removing small dams and other fish obstacles from tributaries to the Rogue.  Newly-awarded grants will boost that work. 

Oregon Governor Calls For A 'Plan B' For The Elliott State Forest

Dec 13, 2016
Oregon Department of Forestry

Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday sought an new alternative to selling a state forest in southwest Oregon to the only bidder to offer the full asking price.

Study: California Should Leave National Flood Insurance Program

Dec 13, 2016
San Joaquin Co. Office of Emergency Services

A new UC Davis study finds that California is not benefiting from participating in the National Flood Insurance Program and that the state may be better off running its own program.

University of Washington

Compared to some other animals, humans have it rough. 

When we lose a body part, it does not grow back.  We've dreamed of regeneration for as long as we could dream. 

There IS a glimmer of hope, and it comes from a worm.  See, the worm that has most in common with people CAN grow back severed parts. 

Our Creature Feature takes up the topic with Dr. Billie Swalla at the University of Washington. 


Regardless of your own attitude toward the truth, your brain does not lie. 

At least it CAN'T when it is scanned by medical imaging devices.  And the brains of people who use marijuana show reduced blood flow, as reported in a recent study

That's especially true in the hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in Alzheimer's disease. 

Dr. Daniel Amen of Amen Clinics is the lead author of the study.

It's not every day a state sells its own forest.  But that could happen today (December 13th) when the Oregon State Land Board meets. 

On the table: the proposed sale of the Elliott State Forest to bring in revenue for the Common School Fund. 

Lone Rock Timber and the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Indians joined forces to put in the only bid. 

Jes Burns of our Earthfix unit has covered the story for a long time now. 

In Oregon, Marijuana Ads Flourish On Craigslist

Dec 12, 2016
Anna Reed/Statesman Journal

It started with making marijuana products at home for herself and her husband. Then, she thought, “People might buy these.”

FERC Denies Re-Hearing For Jordan Cove LNG Terminal Near Coos Bay

Dec 9, 2016
Jes Burns, OPB/EarthFix

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Friday announced that it would not consider a re-hearing of its March 11 decision to deny a permission to build a 234-mile-long interstate pipeline that would end in an export terminal in Jordan Cove.


There's a good chance the Halloween decorations and supplies were still on the shelves at your local store when the Christmas music started playing on the speakers. 

The winter holidays can be filled with great joy... and also stress, frustration, and even depression. 

How to avoid the negatives?  Troy Campbell of the University of Oregon has some ideas in this month's installment of "Curious: Research Meets Radio."

Dr. Campbell, with degrees in psychology AND marketing, can provide insights into what wears people out at Christmas... and what they and commercial enterprises can do to provide more joy. 

Opportunity Village Eugene

It took a while, but Medford is ready to break ground on a tiny-house village to house homeless people while they get back on their feet. 

Hope Village will be located on Columbus Avenue in Medford, on a city-owned piece of property. 

Rogue Retreat and the Jackson County Homeless Task Force are working together on the village.