Cheryl Strayed's famous book "Wild" was almost a how-NOT-to-survive-wilderness book.

Ruby McConnell aims to flip the script and give women useful information on striking out on their own. 

McConnell's book is A Woman's Guide to the Wild.  It is an extension of her blog "Girl Gone Wild." 

Wojtek Bijok/Wikimedia

It's not Austin, but our region is home to a number of venues for hearing live music. 

Josh Gross has visited many of them by now. 

Josh is the music editor for the Rogue Valley Messenger, so he pays great attention to the live music scene. 

Oregon Public Broadcasting

The story that began in the dead of winter enters a new phase as summer draws to a close. 

Jury selection begins Wednesday (September 7th) in the trial of several of the defendants in the armed takeover of Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. 

Ryan and Ammon Bundy are among the people being tried on multiple charges; the trial is expected to take weeks, if not months. 

Conrad Wilson from Oregon Public Broadcasting is one of two pool reporters assured of a seat in the courtroom. 


If you're itching to vote AND concerned about schools, November's ballot is for you.  Both our states vote on three statewide school issues (95, 98, 99 in Oregon/51, 55, 58 in California), plus a smattering of local measures. 

So we devote this week's VENTSday to school election issues generally.  VENTSday removes the guests and puts listener comments front and center on The Exchange.

Once a week, it's all about you... we plop a topic on the table, post a survey on our Facebook page (and below), and open the phone lines and email box for live comments.

Got an observation or opinion? Share it with the State of Jefferson on VENTSday. Join by phone at 800-838-3760, email, or take the survey online. You can ALSO record a phone message in advance, at 541-552-6331.

Police ID Medford Man Found Dead At Emigrant Lake

Sep 6, 2016
Denise Baratta/Mail Tribune


Police have released the name of the man who was found dead in Emigrant Lake on Labor Day.

Capt. Tim Snaith of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department identified the man as 43-year-old Herminio Villasenor-Aguilar of Medford.

Public Domain/Wikimedia

One of the most important considerations when obtaining food is simple: can we obtain it again in the near future?  If the answer is no, then the food source is probably not sustainable. 

Obtaining sustainable seafood is of particular interest at the moment, when some fishing stocks have collapsed from overfishing. 

We bring in guests with experience in providing sustainable seafood, from near and not-so-near.  Aaron Longton presides over the board at Port Orford Ocean Resource Team (POORT) and manages Port Orford Sustainable Seafood.  Camilla Lombard and husband Kirk co-founded and manage Sea Forager in San Francisco.

You only have to hear Paul Robeson sing "Ol' Man River" once to have it stamped on your brain forever.

There's simply nothing like it, and nothing like the talent-filled and turbulent life of the late actor and singer. 

Tayo Aluko created a one-man stage play, "Call Mr. Robeson," which he has performed on several continents and brings to Ashland this week (September 8-11). 

Featured Works for September – First Concert 
(*Indicates September birthday)

Sep 1 T Johann Pachelbel*: Chaconne in F minor
Sep 2 F Alphons Diepenbrock*: Lydian Nights

Werth Media/Flickr

Opponents of a corporate tax increase on the November ballot revealed this week they have raised another $1.5 million.

New disclosure reports show several companies are putting up six-figure donations to fight the measure. Opponents of Measure 97 have now topped $8 million in fundraising.

Rob Manning/OPB

Oregon students are back in school this week after a summer of construction and testing aimed at making schools healthier places to learn. Schools have been dealing with lead, asbestos and other  environmental hazards that can be found in many school buildings. 

State leaders are making big plans to address the state’s aging public school facilities.  But economic realities are making real change difficult.

Umpqua Valley Arts

Any Friday is something of an event. First Friday is a slightly bigger deal in the arts world, as several communities in our region observe First Friday Art Walks.

The Exchange goes with the flow, with our monthly First Friday Arts segment.  We open the phone lines (800-838-3760) and invite arts organizations from throughout the listening area to call in with details of arts events in the coming weeks... from fine art to open mike nights, all arts events are fair game. 

If you're just not available to be on the phone at show time (8:10-8:30 AM), RECORD your message in advance at our voicemail box: 541-552-6331.  Messages delivered after 4:30 PM on Thursday might not make it to air.

Some days it seems like you can't take a few steps without running into someone with an acoustic guitar.  Folk music peaked in the 1960s, but it's certainly resurgent today. 

Dan Sherrill and Jacqui Aubert are doing their part, touring as the musical duo Hollis Peach (sometimes with additional players). 

They play Contemporary Indie & Psych Folk, Americana, and Gospel.  Psych Folk? 

Hollis Peach continues a regional tour from their Ashland base, including playing the Britt Festivals on September 23. 

The Game Of Thrones

Aug 31, 2016
Jenny Graham | Oregon Shakespeare Festival

As do all Shakespeare’s history plays, Richard II serves up a political lesson on the civil chaos brought on by misrule. It brings us an England consumed by an all-or-nothing game of power politics, in which victory is Pyrrhic and defeat is a capital crime. The endlessly fascinating OSF production, directed by Bill Rauch in the Thomas Theatre, transposes the action to a contemporary arena and peels ideology down to personality.

Engaging A Nation

Aug 31, 2016

By now it’s evident that the 2016 Presidential election is not a typical affair.  One of the ways it’s been atypical from a media standpoint is that Donald Trump has been the first major party candidate in modern times to so unabashedly embrace the concept that “there is no such thing as bad publicity” – an expression made popular by P.T. Barnum, the 19th century American showman and circus owner.

Jes Burns, OPB/EarthFix

It was an unseasonably warm June week when I visited Oregon’s Diamond Lake.

This made for some lovely fishing weather, but it wasn’t ideal for fish stocking. And that’s what a small group of employees with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife were there for.

“As soon as Greg gives me the word, I’ll dump ’em in,” said the fish deliveryman.

The thousands of fish had traveled via small trailer through the night from a hatchery in Utah. The driver arrived about two hours early in an attempt to beat the heat.


It's not just the natural beauty that makes our region what it is.  We've also got a wonderful collection of population centers scattered across the landscape. 

Southern Oregon Public Television--SOPTV--embarks on a project to tell the stories of these communities in its "Our Town" project. 

The first episode, September 6th at 8 PM, focuses on Gold Hill, the small city on the Rogue River northwest of Medford. 

The story is told through the pictures and words of the residents, in this and future installments of "Our Town."

Pull up a chair, and maybe a guitar. 

Our guests certainly will, as we enjoy Texas twang, courtesy of Travis Champ and Longriver, aka David Longoria.

Travis has played with the Cedar Shakes, David with The Black.

United States Department of Health and Human Services

Want to start a debate?  Mention the word "vaccine" in a room full of parents. 

Arguments rage these days about when and even whether to vaccinate children against dangerous diseases.  Oregon is high on the list of states with un-vaccinated children. 

Portland pediatrician Paul Thomas lays out a plan for getting vaccines, but more slowly than medical providers usually advocate.  He and co-author (and JPR contributor) Jennifer Margulis detail the approach in The Vaccine-Friendly Plan

Julia Mitric/Capital Public Radio

California farm workers could soon be eligible for overtime the way most laborers are: if they work more than eight hours in a day or more than 40 hours in a week. That’s a change recently passed by the California Legislature and awaiting action from Governor Jerry Brown.

Labor groups that backed the bill say it's high time for farm labor to be regulated like most private sector work. But many California growers say the move might not add up to bigger paychecks for farm laborers.

Featured Works for September – First Concert
(*Indicates September birthday)

Sep 1 T Johann Pachelbel*: Chaconne in F minor
Sep 2 F Alphons Diepenbrock*: Lydian Nights

Sep 5 M Giacomo Meyerbeer*: Ballet of the Nuns from “Robert le Diable”
Sep 6 T Anton Diabelli*: Guitar Sonata No. 3
Sep 7 W François-André Danican Philidor*: Overture to Le Jardinier et Son Seigneur
Sep 8 T Antonin Dvorák*: Overture ‘Othello’
Sep 9 F Johann Christoph Pez*: Concerto Pastorale