New Charging Stations For Electric Vehicles In Northern California

Nov 15, 2016

Sales of plug-in electric vehicles in California are projected to pass the 250,000 mark later this month. One reason the cars haven’t sold faster is a lack of sufficient charging stations. But that’s starting to change.

Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera

On December 3rd at 10am, JPR's Classics & News Service will kick off the Metropolitan Opera's 86th season of Saturday broadcasts with Puccini's Manon Lescaut. All broadcasts begin at 10am.

Oregon DOT

The story of Oregon from before statehood is a story of migration: people moving in, historic residents being forced out, other people being shut out. 

Scholars, historians, and just folks will discuss migration this week at the Oregon Migrations Symposium in Eugene. 

Eliza Canty-Jones edits the Oregon Historical Quarterly; Bob Bussel is a professor at the University of Oregon. 

John Duffy/Wikimedia

In an autumn filled with big news stories, DAPL (pronounced "dapple") has proven to be an enduring one. 

The Dakota Access Pipeline is being built to carry oil from the Dakotas to markets in the Midwest and Gulf Coast. 

But a segment as yet unbuilt would cross ancestral lands of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.  And protestors have flocked from across the country to stand with the tribe against the pipeline. 

Rogue Valley resident and Red Earth Descendants founder Dan Wahpepah has already traveled to the protest site with supplies.  Charly Otterrobe lives here now but is from Standing Rock. 

Beatrice Murch/Wikimedia

Maybe you've visited one of those web quiz pages that asks you about some word choices, then tells you--often accurately--where you're from. 

The quiz works because people DO use different phrases and idioms in different parts of the country. 

A "hero" sandwich in New York is a "grinder" in nearby Connecticut. 

Josh Katz focuses on the regional variations in his book "Speaking American: How Y’all, Youse, and You Guys Talk: A Visual Guide." 

California Agriculture Industry Optimistic About Trump Ag Policy

Nov 14, 2016
Pacific Southwest Region USFWS / Flickr

From almonds to dairy products California exports 20 percent of what it produces. Federal trade policy has a huge impact on state agricultural exports. Despite many unknowns, one AG industry leader has an optimistic outlook about what a Trump administration would do on trade.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon's football team gained fame in recent years for the variety of its uniforms and accessories (and for winning a bunch of games). 

Another part of the university is involved in designing products athletes use. 

That is the recently opened Sports Product Design Program at the Portland campus of UO. 

This month's installment of "cUriOus: Research Meets Radio" focuses on the PD program and its specialization in sports equipment for athletes with disabilities. 

Don Ryan/AP

Sponsors of an initiative petition called the Oregon Secession Act have withdrawn their support following threats.

Jackson County Search & Rescue

Our region offers many quiet places in woods and mountains to get away from it all.  And sometimes, that's a problem. 

Because people can get lost in the backcountry, and need help finding their way back to civilization.  That's why Search and Rescue exists. 

Each county in our region has an SAR team they can call in an emergency, and they partner through the CORSAR task force, California-Oregon Search and Rescue. 

We visit with Jeanette Sinclair, a volunteer on Coos County's SAR team, and Sgt. Shawn Richards, a coordinator for the Jackson County team


Mountains and ocean; our region has so many great features.  Especially where those features meet. 

That's where you'll find Nick Neely, or at least his attention. 

He's written a number of essays about the Coast Range in California and Oregon, newly compiled in the book called--ahem--"Coast Range."

The college football team from Oregon went to the National Championship game, and lost. 

But this is about that OTHER game, and that other team. 

In 2014, both the University of Oregon and Southern Oregon University played for the top prize in college football.  In very different divisions, but a championship is a championship. 

SOU won, and yet the Ducks' efforts--albeit on a much larger stage--overshadowed the Red Raiders' victory. 

That team is the focus of a documentary already produced called "Becoming."  Former SOU player Michael Bryant had a hand in that, and is now working on a profile of a successful small-college team, in the film "MOmentum."

AIS Facebook page

Art is not just for artists, and it has other uses besides hanging on walls. 

These are some of the thoughts behind this weekend's Art Inspires Ashland (November 11-13).  As the name implies, the idea is to use art as a catalyst in community building. 

This is work Milenko Matanovic does all the time, merging art, collaboration, and community building.

The world gasped at the picture of the Syrian boy, Omran Daqneesh, covered in dirt and blood after his home was bombed in Aleppo.  It's clear why people want to leave Syria. 

But it's harder to make the world understand, and harder still to get countries to welcome the refugees. 

Taylor Olson-Hill worked in a refugee camp in Greece; she tells about her work in a talk today (November 10) at Southern Oregon University. 

The answer to the question "where did that come from?" is easy for some situations.

It's infinitely harder to answer when it is directed to the universe.  The WHOLE universe. 

Lawrence Krauss does not shrink from the task.  He is a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University, pondering the major questions of our existence.  But he also compares real-universe physics with the kind we see in Star Trek movies. 

And he is a visitor to Southern Oregon University, part of the campus theme of "Shapes of Curiosity." 

The Siskiyou/Moro Campaign/JPArt

Former Ashland mayor Alan DeBoer has won a slim victory over Rogue Valley Transit District chair Tonia Moro.  Republican Deboer held on to a 50-49 percent lead -- just over 500 votes -- over his Democratic rival in the race for Oregon's 3rd Senate seat. 


Republican Bob Strosser has claimed a seat on the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. 

The former Medford city council member held a large lead in early vote totals, 57 percent to 41 percent.  Democrat Jeff Thomas, a Medford school board member, trailed. Those numbers basically held through Wednesday morning, giving Strosser his win.

Strosser will replace Doug Breidenthal on the board in January.  Strosser defeated Breidenthal in the Republican primary in May.

Elsewhere on the Jackson County ballot:

Ashland city councilor Pam Marsh has easily defeated her Republican challenger to win a seat held since 2005 by retiring Democrat Peter Buckley. As of 7 a..m. Wednesday, Marsh was leading Steven Richie by 62 to 37 percent.

Scott Sanchez/Wikimedia

Josephine County's longstanding issues with public safety funding emerge unchanged from yet another election cycle. 

County voters rejected the latest version of a property tax levy that would have provided funding for sheriff's deputies, jail beds, and prosecutors.  Measure 17-74, like every public safety levy before it, went down to defeat.  In the first rounds of returns, the No votes led the Yes votes, 61 to 39 percent.

Josephine County is one of many Western Oregon counties that depended heavily on timber receipts from federal land to fill its general fund.  With little logging, the revenues crashed, and the county's property tax rate is too low to make up the difference.  Sheriff's patrols have been reduced to a few hours a day, with Oregon State Police picking up some of the criminal justice slack.  The levy loss ensures a continuation of that arrangement.

Liam Moriarty/JPR

A pair of Republican legislative candidates whose unorthodox entry into their races raised hackles around the Klamath Basin have handily won over their challengers.

Chris Kaber leads the race for Klamath County Sheriff by 34 points. 

Kaber served on the Oregon State Police from 1987 to 2013. Since then he has worked as a polygraph examiner and private investigator, according to campaign filings. Early returns had Kaber with 66 percent of the vote, versus 32 percent for Steve Lewis, a Patrol Sergeant with the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office.