Somebody cut you off in traffic, or not stop for a crosswalk because they were on the phone? 

Here's your chance to vent about it, as we ask for your top road-rage provokers in VENTSday. 

Our other topic: what's the number one "hippie city" in our region? 

You've got opinions on events in the news, and our VENTSday segment is designed to let the world hear them.

We plop a pair of topics on the table--frequently unrelated--and let YOU deliver your passionate (and polite) views on them.

California Voters Could Have Say On Death Penalty

Jan 18, 2016
Scott Shafer/KQED

California last executed a death row inmate exactly 10 years ago this Sunday. Californians are split right down the middle over whether to speed up these executions or stop them completely, according to a new survey from the Field Poll.

But if there’s one thing supporters and opponents of the death penalty can agree on, it’s this: The system is broken.


We used to be rather unkind to people with disabilities in our society.  It wasn't so long ago the term "cripple" was still socially acceptable.

Times change, and so have attitudes about disabilities and the people who bear them. 

Oregon Humanities' "Conversation Project" brings the issue to communities around the state, led by Jill Crawford Hurt, who inherited a family neuropathy. 

U.S. Navy/Public Domain

“The United States of America is the most powerful nation on Earth. Period. It’s not even close. We spend more on our military than the next eight nations combined." 

So said President Obama in his final State of the Union address. 

But there is constant pressure from Congress to further expand military spending, even at the expense of domestic programs to help people in poverty. 

Economist Mike Prokosch tracks the trends in federal spending.

Electrical Storm Causes Outage on the Oregon Coast

Jan 18, 2016

Update 1/19/16 2:30pm -- A transmitter was damaged by a lightening strike. Our engineer was able to get service back up at low power today and we will return to regular power once the transmitter has been repaired. 

An electrical storm over the weekend caused Rhythm & News to go off the air. Our engineer is on his way to the site today.

We will continue to update this post as we learn more. In the meantime you can listen to any of our three services using the listen live feature at the top of the page. 

Thanks for your patience!

Conrad Wilson/OPB

The presence of armed militants occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge south of Burns isn’t sitting well with many government workers in Harney County, Oregon. More than 40 percent of the county’s employed residents work for either local or federal government agencies.

Some former Bureau of Land Management employees say the militants are creating divides in the tight-knit community.


It's like the U.S. Census, just a lot shorter and more intense.  And more difficult: trying to count people with no fixed address. 

But point-in-time (PIT) homeless counts are common across the country... a one-day reading of the numbers of people living on the streets and in the woods and homeless camps. 

The Community Alliance of Lane County, CALC, is coordinating the count in Lane County on January 27th, with training this week (Jan. 19). 

Vision Quilt

A needle and thread might seem like a poor set of tools to bring to a gunfight.  But the point is NOT to get into a gunfight; rather to prevent such fights. 

The needle and thread are to make a quilt to publicize the effort the curtail gun violence in the country, just as quilts informed the public of the effort to stop the AIDS epidemic years ago. 

The anti-gun violence project is called Vision Quilt, the creation of retired Ashland teacher Cathy DeForest. 

Penguin Books

So a guy tells you he can GUARANTEE you'll get an eight percent* return on your stock market investments EVERY YEAR.  Is that even possible? 

A lot of people thought it was, and Bernie Madoff lost their money. 

His story is one of several in Maria Konnikova's book The Confidence Game, which points out how often people fall for cons even after similar cons have been seen many times. 

Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup

An ominous anniversary looms at the end of the month: the 316th anniversary of the last major Cascadia earthquake (January 26th). 

On average, the Cascadia Subduction Zone ruptures about every 240 years... so we're due for a big shake. 

University of Oregon geophysicist Doug Toomey is involved with the Cascadia Initiative, a project to better understand the mechanics of the subduction zone. 

Remember how much fun it was being a teenager?  Yes, the question is facetious... because the teen years often contain the most tumultuous years of a person's life. 

That's what led to the creation of The Rose Circle Mentoring Network, which mentors people from ages 10 to 24 all over Jackson County. 

Lulu Vision

The recent death of a homeless man in Medford in cold weather prompted concerns about where people go when the weather turns bitter. 

Several cities offer emergency shelters when temps dip sharply. 

Those include Ashland, which can house some homeless people on especially cold nights. 

The Ashland Community Resource Center coordinates that and other services.

Behind the refuge takeover in Harney County lies a persistent issue: is management of federal land onerous, or beneficial?

That's one topic in this week's VENTSday; call or email or take this survey on whether your community benefits from federal land management, or is hurt by it.

Topic two: What to do about the Klamath River now that the agreements have expired? 

Our weekly VENTSday segment puts the listeners front and center.

We throw a pair of topics on the table, and let callers and emailers vent--politely--on those topics. Topics range from the global to the hyper-local, and all responsible opinions are welcome.

The major Martin Luther King Day celebration in Ashland features a collective keynote speaker: "Universes," the innovative resident theater company at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 

The group amazed audiences with the 60s-revolution retrospective "Party People" a few years ago, and stuck around to create more work that goes beyond simple entertainment. 

And they work in so many genres: theater, poetry, jazz, and hip-hop at the top of the list. 

California Department of Corrections

The number of people in jail and prison in America is staggering itself: more than two million people. 

Stop and think about the loved ones of the prisoners, and you realize millions more are waiting on the outside. 

And many prisons are changing the rules for family visits, putting more time and distance between inmates and their loved ones. 

Sylvia A. Harvey wrote about this recently in The Nation

Butte Creek Mill

Christmas morning provided a surprise to the owners of Eagle Point's historic Butte Creek Mill, but not the pleasant kind. 

The mill burned to the ground before dawn, leaving the community without its centerpiece of more than a century. 

Any doubts about the future were quickly erased, though, as owner (and Eagle Point Mayor) Bob Russell declared "We Will Rebuild." 


Well, this has to be a first.  We can neither say the title nor show the cover of a book we're discussing on the air. 

Because the book is about BS, and you know what that stands for. 

Language expert and humorist Mark Peters takes a tour through the range of terms we often use (think "balderdash" and "bunk") in his book Bulls**t: A Lexicon

News & Information Off The Air in Redding Area

Jan 11, 2016

Update 1/12/16 2:00pm -- KJPR is back on the air! Our engineer was able to fix the issue and the News & Information service is up and running again. 

NorCal Planetarium Threatened With Closure

Jan 9, 2016
Shasta County Office of Education

If you ever visited a planetarium as a kid, you were probably entranced by the way it transported you into outer space, making the stars and planets seem close enough to touch. The Schreder Planetarium in Redding has been creating that magic with generations of school children. Now, the area’s only planetarium open to the public is faced with closure.


The presence of curb cuts and parking slots for the handicapped gives you some idea of our accommodations for people with disabilities. 

But it's hard for people without disabilities to get a real sense of what's still needed. 

Bill Hahey will tell us on a return visit; he is a musician and a member of DUDE, Disabled United in Direct Empowerment

He has some stories about issues navigating for blind people.