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If you are concerned about environmental degradation and your government is not, can you sue it?  Count on a firm YES from Mary Christina Wood. 

She is a professor at the University of Oregon's law school, and director of its Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center

Issues like climate change, where governments in our country have been slow to respond, have gotten particular attention at the center. 

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One of the major lessons we've learned about the world around us is the lesson of inter-connectivity. 

The parts of nature depend upon one another--and that includes humans--and severing connections can throw nature out of balance. 

How important are trees to connecting the parts of nature?  Very, say several people. 

They include David George Haskell, who follows the fate of single trees in several parts of the world in The Songs of Trees

Oregon's Wet Winter Good News For Some, Not So Good For Others

Apr 10, 2017
Anna Reed/Statesman Journal

This season has been so wet that even the heartiest Oregonians have invested in umbrellas.


The area around Clovis, New Mexico yielded many archaeological treasures over the years. 

That's why the earliest human inhabitants of North America are generally referred to as The Clovis People.  But digs in Southeastern Oregon continue to turn up finds that pre-date Clovis sites. 

The University of Oregon has devoted faculty and students to digs in the region, including at the Rimrock Draw site. 


Stories about drug addiction tend to have some common themes. 

One of them is that people often think that they will NOT get addicted.  And they're usually wrong. 

Kyle Simpson was a happy college student, by his own description.  But he got addicted to drugs and had to fight his way back to the life he'd known. 

He made a documentary about his experience, called simply "Junk."  It screens on Tuesday (April 11) at Southern Oregon University. 

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Parenting is always a tricky business, even in the best of circumstances. 

Parents frequently second-guess themselves about when to intervene and when to hold back. 

There may be less second-guessing in the Netherlands, where the children are rated on several scales as the happiest in the world. 

Is there a common cultural approach?  Rina Mae Acosta and Michele Hutchison both married Dutch men and picked up some ideas raising their kids Dutch.  Their book is The Happiest Kids in the World: How Dutch Parents Help Their Kids* by Doing Less  *and Themselves.

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Eugene Ballet

April is here, and now come the warmer days of enjoying evenings outside, outdoor concerts and more. 

Well, we can HOPE, anyway.  Offerings in the arts tend to expand in the warmer months. 

We track the arts scene in our First Friday Arts segment, a free-for-all featuring phone calls from around the region boosting arts events for the coming weeks. 

Ujjwal Kumar,

There's a level of curiosity about dangerous things, especially for kids. 

Like "what would happen if you went outside a spaceship without a suit?" 

Those are the very kinds of questions Cody Cassidy and Paul Doherty answer in their book And Then You're Dead.

It's not as macabre as it may sound, and there's no danger in reading the book itself.  We think. 

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Like it or not, the plants that surround us are often NOT the plants that would be here without people and their constant tinkering with the environment. 

Non-native species abound, and efforts to eradicate invasive species are ongoing.  But not always with the use of pesticides. 

Mount Shasta residents and friends gather this weekend (April 8) for a second annual community weed pull, designed to get the invasives out and replace them with native plants

The pink robes of the Buddhist nuns in Myanmar (Burma) grab the eyes instantly. 

The stories of the nuns grab many hearts as well. 

And those stories are told in "A Thousand Mothers," a documentary film shown this week at the Ashland Independent Film Festival. 

WIBG via Facebook

Josh Gross has an addiction, and it's one we're only too happy to share. 

He loves music, and across a wide spectrum of genres and styles. 

Josh makes music, and writes about music for the Rogue Valley Messenger.  And once a month, he visits the studio with "Rogue Sounds," a compilation of musical samples and news of coming band dates. 

Austin Jenkins / Northwest News Network

Washington lawmakers are working this year to craft a solution to the state’s school funding crisis. Much of their work is happening behind the scenes and in closed door meetings. So who’s in those meetings and who’s trying to influence the outcome? The top four leaders of the legislature denied a public records request to see their emails and calendars. 

In collaboration with The Seattle Times, Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins looks at how open records laws in some states exempt lawmakers – and others, such as in Oregon – don’t. 


The last thing any police officer wants to encounter is a suspect with a gun. 

So Eureka Police recently made some efforts to make it less likely that they'll encounter people with stolen guns. 

A "security expo" encouraged people to buy safes and other gun safety equipment, and a gun buy-back gave people premiums for giving up guns, no questions asked about ownership. 

A fiction piece in a recent edition of The New Yorker described a town that sounds very much like Ashland. 

And it should: author Victor Lodato lives in Ashland for part of the year.   He is both author and playwright, with an award to show for a previous novel. 

His latest novel, Edgar and Lucy, is drawing praise from critics.

You only need to say the name "OK Corral" to conjure up an image of a gunfight in the Old West. 

It really happened, but accounts differ. And in the film "Tombstone Rashomon," different perspectives of that famous gun battle are laid out side-by-side. 

Marcus Teply/KQED

In the rolling hills above the farm community of Santa Paula, acres and acres of avocado and citrus trees spread out like a postcard from California’s small-farm past.

This is a rural area, but people here aren’t Donald Trump voters — Santa Paula voted 2-1 against him. The town of 30,000 in Ventura County is largely Latino, with an economy based on agriculture — an economy that depends on immigrant workers, many of them undocumented.

California Department of Water Resources

It's been quite a year for snowfall... an exceptional year, by any measure. 

And we have the latest measures in hand, with the end-of-March snowpack surveys just completed. 

The always-on measuring devices show a minimum of 120% of normal snowpack on either side of the state line. 


Quick, what do you think is the greatest invention ever?  Wait... before you answer, we offer an alternative question: what is the WORST invention ever?  That might be a little harder, but it turns out there's stiff competition for that list. 

Think of some of science's stumbles, like frontal lobotomies, chemical warfare, and margarine.  Margarine?  Not good for the heart. 

Pediatrician/author Paul Offit narrows the list in his book Pandora's Lab: Seven Stories of Science Gone Wrong

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Films long and short and funny and sad will fill screens and eyeballs when the Ashland Independent Film Festival returns to the city's two movie theaters this week (April 6-10). 

And it's not just about the movies, but the movie makers, too... like James Ivory (as in Merchant Ivory Productions), who is a Klamath Falls native. 

What does it take to pull together all the films and all the filmmakers for the five-day blitz?