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If your summer vacation plans along California's north coast include a good old-fashioned clam dig, think again.

State health officials are warning that mussel and razor clam samples in Humboldt and Del North Counties are showing dangerous levels of domoic acid, a powerful naturally-occuring neurotoxin that can sicken humans who eat contaminated shellfish.

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Oregon started lighting up on July 1st, when marijuana became legal for personal use. 

But nobody can legally sell the herb until October 1st. 

And that's far in advance of the originally intended date for retail sales. 

Clear on all this?  It can be confusing as state agencies like the Oregon Liquor Control Commission develop rules. 

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THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 10 AM .... The Democrat Fire that started just west of Weaverville Tuesday afternoon has been recalculated to be smaller than originally believed. Major gains in containment have been reported. 

Meanwhile, the Gasquet Complex northeast of Crescent City,  and the River Complex surrounding the town of Denny,  each grew by nearly 3,000 acres yesterday. Gusting winds - often aligned with fires in valleys - were a major contributor to the spread and are expected to continue through Friday.

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It’s no secret that Oregon’s rural areas have lagged behind the state’s urban core in recovering from the recession of 2008. As politicians and business leaders scramble to find ways to resuscitate the sluggish rural economy, a 19th Century transportation technology makes the case that it holds part of the answer.  

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 11 AM ... Just as firefighters gain 55 to 90 percent containment on 4 of 5 fire complexes in Trinity County, a new fire has erupted just two miles west of the county seat of Weaverville. 

The Democrat Fire is located off Democrat Gulch Road near Oregon Mountain. Like the River Complex Fire in Denny it is very close to Highway 299 which remains open at this time.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. 


Crater Lake Zipline

It's a bit of a stretch to call the new treetop tour company in Klamath County "Crater Lake Zipline," because it's about half an hour's travel from Crater Lake. 

But it does offer something unique in the region... a journey through the trees of the Fremont-Winema National Forest, 90 feet or so above the ground. 

Visitors travel over nine ziplines and two sky bridges, the longest tree canopy zipline in Oregon. 


Lagging student performance in public schools often focuses on minority students. 

Often--not always--the darker the skin, the lower the grades.  More minority teachers could help, and that's where Kelly Ramirez comes in. 

The Grants Pass resident is a senior at Southern Oregon University, the first in her family to attend college. 

And she plans on teaching when she graduates. 

Gasquet Fires: Low Containment & Big Winds

Aug 26, 2015

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 10:30 AM ... With the Gasquet Complex burning at a rate of about 1,000 acres-per-day, and four of the six fires still active, crews will now be faced with high winds. Ridge top winds of 20-25 miles-per-hour out of the southeast are expected, with a shift to westerly winds in the afternoon. Highs will be in the low 80's. 

Containment has only increased 3 percent over the past five days.

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Firefighters are battling a rapidly growing fire in the Democrat Gulch area in Weaverville, in Trinity County. 

There is a mandatory evacuation ordered for the west side of Oregon Mountain down to Highway 299. Steiner Flat Road in Douglas City is under a voluntary evacuation order.

Oregon Street is closed to the top of Oregon Mountain.

Southern Oregon University

Southern Oregon is home to plenty of galleries, but only one true museum of art: the Schneider Museum of Art on the campus of Southern Oregon University in Ashland.  

  The Schneider is home to an exhibit of the photorealist works of Chuck Close and the moment.  And it is the office of Interim Director Scott Malbaurn.

Four of the original six fires in the Gasquet fire complex are still burning as firefighters work to complete lines and burn-out operations in Six Rivers National Forest in Del Norte County.

Total size of the complex is 17,723 acres, with 20 percent containment on the complex as a whole.

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  Summer may be drawing to a close, but fire season will be with us for at least a few more weeks.  Which is why the bosses at Ashland Fire and Rescue are putting out reminders of things people can do to prepare for the possibility of a wildfire nearby.

Ashland had a close call with the Siskiyou Fire in September of 2009, and the city's proximity to forested land makes it ever-vulnerable.

  The recent news that the Earth's population could hit 11 billion by the end of the century should give anyone pause.

Maybe we are capable of feeding all those mouths with current agricultural technology, but what if large chunks of farmland are rendered unusable by climate change? These are the questions Joel K. Bourne, Jr. considers in his book "The End of Plenty: The Race to Feed a Crowded World.

MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 10:30 AM ... Although most of the wildfires in northwestern California are now over 50 percent contained, the River (Denny) and Gasquet (northeast of Crescent City) complexes are less than 25 percent contained.

Inversions are expected to lift across most of the region this afternoon,  which should help air support, but will likely increase fire activity. Gusty winds at higher elevations are also a concern. 

The Air Quality Forecast was published at 9:45 this morning and is HERE

National Creek Complex Facebook page

Eastern Oregon's Canyon Creek Complex of fires is now 23% contained as firefighters were aided by lessening winds and cooler temperatures on Saturday.


Smoke from Oregon's wildfires continues to plague residents and travelers.

The National Creek Complex of fires is now 10% contained as it burns it part of Crater Lake National Park. The Park remains open, although the north park entrance road remains closed to facilitate fire operations and provide for the safety of firefighters and park visitors.

National Creek Complex Facebook Page

UPDATE: MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 5:00 P.M. ... It's hard to get around near Crater Lake National Park as crews work to contain the National Creek fire complex

The two fires burning in Crater Lake National Park and the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest since August 1st now total 10,833 acres. The fires are 10 percent contained.

The Level 1 (Get Ready) evacuation order for the area around Diamond Lake Area has been lifted. 

Stouts Creek Fire Facebook Page

It does not count as containment yet, but fire crews have succeeded in encircling the Stouts Creek Fire in southern Douglas County.

By dawn Friday (Aug. 21), a "blackline" surrounded the fire at slightly more than 26,000 acres.  A blackline is where the fire has burned to a road or other fire line, and the perimeter is secure. 

Not One, But Seven Wolves In California

Aug 21, 2015
California Fish & Wildlife

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says cameras have captured images of five endangered gray wolf pups and two adults in Siskiyou County.

The CDFW had previously collected evidence suggesting at least one wolf has traveled into southeastern Siskiyou County.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 11 AM ... The four fires of the Gasquet Complex in Del Norte County have grown from approximately 3,000 acres to over 12,000 acres over the past seven days. 

The fires, which were started by lightning three weeks ago, have not damaged structures or closed Highway 199. There have been no evacuations. 

Containment has dropped due to spread of the Peak Fire (approximately 4,000 acres).