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Come work with our news team. The Jefferson Exchange is hiring for two student assistant positions.

The students will assist in producing The Jefferson Exchange, JPR's daily, two-hour live call-in program, broadcast over JPR's News and Information Service on 12 public radio frequencies in Oregon and California.

Service Alert for Humboldt and Mendocino Counties

11 hours ago

KNHT, our Classics & News service, may have intermittent interruptions over the next week or two due to wind damage on the tower in Eureka. High winds blew down a transmission line for another station using the same tower JPR is in and the line is causing electrical interference with our microwave relay system. Once the other station completes their repairs our service should return to normal.

In the meantime you can hear any of our three services using the listen live feature at the top of the page.

Thanks for your patience!

Snow came down to valley floor level in some areas of the region overnight (December 5-6). 

Several school districts have announced schedule changes for today.

Here is the list:

  • Ashland Schools, 2-hour delay
  • Butte Falls Schools, 2-hour delay
  • Prospect Schools, 2-hour delay
  • Jackson Co. Schools District 9, normal schedule, bus routes serving higher elevations will use snow routes and designated staging areas

Shifting POV via YouTube

If you don't feel like you've seen all sides of the confrontation over the Dakota Access Pipeline, Shifting POV has a remedy for you. 

SPOV is an Ashland-based collective of filmmakers, and its principals have been recording the events at the DAPL protest sites with virtual reality cameras... so a 360 degree view of the events. 

Jeris JC Miller and Aaron Moffatt were tear-gassed by police with cameras rolling.  But they felt it was important to document the events.

It's easy to be dazzled by the visuals of a movie and lose track of how great an influence the music exerts on our emotions. 

That's Joby Talbot's job as score composer... assist the mood while not overwhelming it.  Oh, and make the music work in time with the on-screen action. 

Talbot lives in Ashland and sees his work go worldwide... including in the coming animated feature "Sing." 

TJ Watt/Wikimedia ID 10369356

The term "old growth" is one often used and perhaps less-often understood. 

Just big trees?  Big trees and spotted owls? 

No and not quite are the answers; Joan Maloof provides a bunch more in her book Nature's Temples

Maloof is the director of the Old-Growth Forest Network, dedicated to preserving forests undisturbed by humans from coast to coast. 

New California Legislature To Be Sworn In Monday

Dec 5, 2016

It’s Inauguration Day Monday for the new California Legislature. The 80-member Assembly and 40-member Senate will gavel in at noon to swear in lawmakers before adjourning until early January.


California public employees belonging to SEIU Local 1000 planned a one-day strike for Monday (December 5th), and ultimately called it off in favor of further bargaining with the state. 

Issues on the table: raises, gender pay differences, and employee health-care payments.  SEIU is the largest public employee union in California. 

John Frahm of the Humboldt and Del Norte Central Labor Council has a broad view of labor and its challenges in his part of California

Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education

Jews make up less than one percent of Oregon's population. 

So a minority, but definitely an influential one.  Oregon Jews include political leaders, philanthropists, and the man who brought the NBA to Portland (Harry Glickman). 

These stories and more are featured in Ellen Eisenberg's book The Jewish Oregon Story: 1950-2010

Eugene Ballet

Christmas trees, holiday plays, art sales... and there's GOT to be a Nutcracker or two on stage this month. 

December is a HUGE month in the arts world, and we dedicate our First Friday Arts segment to listing as many events as possible.  We meaning... you. 

First Friday is all about the phones... grab one and call the show at 800-838-3760 to talk about the arts event you care about. 

It's a big party, and the more events, the merrier. 

Acappellaré Facebook Page

The Ashland singing duo known as Accapellaré chose a very appropriate name. 

Because Jeffri Lynn Carrington and Zoé La Terreur travel without musical instruments, only their voices. 

And they happily sing a cappella in venues large and small, with plans for a European tour next spring. 

CCD Business Development Corp.

Well, that was fast.  One week after the election, the Coos Bay City Council voted to move ahead with replacing its worn out sewage treatment (wastewater) plant. 

The council had been deadlocked before the election over a plan to allow a private company to operate a new plant. 

Andrew Sheeler of The World in Coos Bay was part of the team covering the issue (and taking abuse from the players over his reporting). 

Courtesy of Department of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries

The origin story of Silicon Valley typically centers on Stanford and steady funding from the US military. The marriage of technology and entertainment, as the story goes, came way later, with companies like Apple and Facebook.

But no. The first company to revolutionize entertainment from the Valley was Ampex, launched in 1944. The company manufactured the first reel-to-reel machine for commercial use in the United States (based on German technology), and later, the first video recording machine. All in collaboration/competition with Bing Crosby. Yes, that Bing Crosby.


The election season of 2016 served up surprises by the truckload. 

One of them was the realization that mass media is not so mass anymore... each of us has our own choices in media, and the choices often give plenty of opinion with facts. 

Which brings up another point: how do you KNOW when you're getting facts?  Bogus news stories on pop-up media gained traction in an already fragmented media world. 

These are issues that come up in the teaching of Andrew Gay and Precious Yamaguchi at Southern Oregon University, where Ebbi "Mohammad" Zamani is a student. 


For generations of Americans, it's pleasant to be able to talk about Vietnam without the word "war" behind it. 

That war cost 58,000 American lives and tore the social fabric of the country. 

Now historian Christopher Goscha presents Vietnam: A New History

The book teaches a great deal about a country with a rich history and many different ethnic groups and languages. 


Josh Gross's bio at the Rogue Valley Messenger says he's an "ace reporter. Produced playwright. Internationally recognized rock and roll superstar and burrito connoisseur." 

One and two are true and we'll take his word on number four. 

And he IS a musician, and a big fan of music, as well. 

Which is why we invite him back once a month to play clips of bands coming to the region, talk about their music, and hear where they'll be playing. 

Tax Hikes Proposed To Fund Oregon Fish And Wildlife

Nov 30, 2016
Rick Swart/ODFW/Flickr

Could drinking beer help fund Oregon’s fish and wildlife programs?

That’s one idea being proposed by a task force charged with finding new ways to fund the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Helping Third-Graders Cope With Post-Election Fears

Nov 29, 2016
Zaidee Stavely/KQED

Third-graders at Cali Calmécac Language Academy in Windsor are in the middle of presenting book reports to each other when one little boy bursts into tears. Their teacher, Rosa Villalpando, pulls him aside to check in. Sobbing, he tells her that, as a result of the presidential election, he’s afraid he’ll have to move to Mexico. Some kids on his street won’t play with him anymore, he says.

Tony Anderson/Oregon Department of Forestry/Flickr

The State of Oregon had trouble making money off the Elliott State Forest, because timber sales lagged. 

So now the state stands to make a whole bunch of money at once, by selling the forest. 

Lone Rock Timber Management Company put in the only bid, as a partner with the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Indians

Other tribes plan to work with The Conservation Fund to monitor practices on the forest.  But the deal is not quite done; state decisions lie ahead. 

Snowy Forecast Raises Cascades Ski Resorts' Hopes

Nov 28, 2016
Chris Pietsch/The Register-Guard

With weather forecasts predicting more snow after a foot or more fell in the Oregon Cascades this weekend, area mountains and local ski shops are gearing up for a white December.