UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, AUG. 23 ... The fires of the Umpqua North Complex east of Roseburg are holding at 11,680 acres, and remain 1 percent contained. There are no changes to current evacuation levels.

Firefighters made progress on Tuesday with burnout operations on the west side of the Fall Creek fire and are close to completing this work. Burnout objectives are to use low intensity ignition techniques to produce a ground fire to remove burnable vegetation between the fire and firelines.

Crews continued to improve control lines on the south and east side of this fire. They were also able to keep the Ragged Ridge and Happy Dog North fires from moving into the Steamboat drainage.

Weather Moderates Chetco Bar Fire

10 hours ago

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, AUG. 23 ... Firefighters on the Chetco Bar fire in the Kalmiposis Wilderness near Brookings made progress yesterday and overnight, building direct and contingency indirect line on the south and southwestern flank of the fire including establishing dozer line and working around structures to improve defensible space.

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, AUG. 23 ... Activity on the Miller Complex fires -- burning in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest -- were limited yesterday by overall cooler temperatures due to inversion, smoke cover, and higher humidity. These conditions have resulted in good progress with fire containment and mop-up efforts.

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, AUG. 23 ... In the High Cascades Complex, fire growth was seen on Blanket Creek Fire, crossing the Pacific Crest Trail in the Sky Lakes Wilderness south of Crater Lake National Park. The weather pattern is preventing smoke from dispersing which has resulted in multiple days of very unhealthy conditions for several locations.

T. Richey via

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, AUG. 23 ... The Eclipse Complex consists of five fires in the Klamath National Forest. The fires have burned a total of 37,445 acres; the complex is 19% contained, with 1,130 personnel assigned.

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, AUG. 23 ... With multiple wildfires burning in pretty much every part of southern Oregon and northern California, few in the region are breathing healthy air this week. The Rogue and Illinois Valleys, as well as Klamath and Six Rivers National Forests, are seeing significant levels of smoke pollution, leading health authorities to urge people to stay indoors as much as possible.

California Poised To Pass Sanctuary Law That Goes Further Than Oregon's

Aug 22, 2017

Since taking office, President Trump has signed an executive order giving federal immigration agents more power.

But California Democrats want to thwart Trump’s promise to deport millions of immigrants who are in the country illegally: lawmakers want to make California a sanctuary state.

The measure isn’t the first of its kind. Oregon has had a similar law for decades. But California’s law would be much more limiting in how law enforcement communicates with federal agents.

In fact, if the bill passes, California would have one of the most protective sanctuary state laws in the country for immigrants. 

Update On A Brisk Fire Season

Aug 22, 2017
National Interagency Fire Center

So much for thinking that an abnormally wet year would mean an abnormally quiet fire season. 

Even the slowly creeping fires of mid-July have become the roaring infernos (see Chetco Bar) of late August. 


To make the case that an animal needs protection under the Endangered Species Act, you have to prove that you seek to protect a distinct population of the animal. 

And recent research appears to prove a distinction between Spring Chinook and Fall Chinook salmon native to the Klamath River. 

Which may strengthen the case for protecting the troubled spring run under the ESA. 

The Karuk Tribe recently filed notice of intent to request such protection for the fish. 

Change Possibly Coming To California Crosswalk Signal Rules

Aug 22, 2017

California lawmakers could soon tweak a rule that’s surprising to many people who use crosswalks. Right now it’s illegal to start crossing the street once the red hand starts flashing and the countdown is underway.

In An Ashland Barbershop, A Dying Art Lives On

Aug 21, 2017
Mitchell johnson/JPR

The old-fashioned barbershop, with leather chairs, straight-razor shaves, and gossiping men, is a common image in American culture. But in 2017, the real thing can be hard to find.

But in a strip mall in downtown Ashland, right between the liquor store and a donut shop, you’ll find the Modern Barbershop.


The flow of children into foster care ebbs and flows, and it is flowing now, in a big way. 

The number of children who have entered the foster care system in Douglas County alone has increased from 41 children in 2013 to 204 children so far this year.

That’s a 398 percent increase, according to data released this year from the Oregon Department of Human Services.

That means more work for DHS, but also for court appointed special advocates--CASAs--who represent the children in court. 

CASA staff say most of their cases have families struggling with drug abuse.   And nearly 300 children are on a waiting list for CASAs.

Ken Lund, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Time to take off the glasses and tell us YOUR story of the American Eclipse

Did you travel far enough to see the total eclipse?  Did you stay closer to home and still enjoy the sliver of daylight left? 

We want to hear your stories of the big event. 

So we throw open the phone lines for some of the many impressions formed by this once-in-a-lifetime event. 

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During this outage you can listen to any of our three services using the listen live feature at the top of the page. 

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Eddie Berman grew up in Southern California and taught himself guitar and piano. He fell in love with the troubadour styles of Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk as a teenager and learned to fingerpick on his father’s 1950s Martin guitar, first writing his own songs as a college student at Berkeley. He made waves in the acoustic music world half a decade ago when his bedroom demos were given significant airplay on influential LA radio station KCRW.

‘Ugly’ Produce Delivery Service Expands To The Northwest

Aug 17, 2017
Courtesy of Imperfect Produce

A California-based company that sells blemished and misshapen produce is expanding into the Northwest.

Imperfect Produce buys so-called ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables from West Coast farms and delivers them to people’s homes at discounted prices.

Company CEO Ben Simon said most grocery stores won’t sell scarred plums or oddly shaped eggplants, but they’re still perfectly good food that shouldn’t go to waste.

California lawmakers will debate how to address a backlog of untested rape kits, when they return to work at the state Capitol on Aug. 21.


The idea of outdoor recreation differs widely from person to person. 

Where one person may enjoy zooming through the forest on a motorcycle, another would much prefer being able to hike to a place where no human sounds can be heard.  Call that "quiet recreation," because the term is catching on. 

And so is the practice, as measured by an ECONorthwest study funded by Pew Charitable Trusts

Calif. Lawmakers Ask Feds To Stop Alt-Right Rally In SF

Aug 16, 2017
torbakhopper / Flickr

Three California lawmakers are asking the federal government to prevent an alt-right group from rallying in San Francisco later this month, after the violence in Charlottesville last week.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Legal marijuana puts states in some strange positions. 

Under state law, adults can use marijuana for either recreational or medical purposes. 

Either way, it's still illegal under federal law. 

And people can abuse it, so the Oregon Health Authority still maintains a marijuana use prevention program.  OHA is also taking its youth program, Stay True to You, statewide after a pilot project.