FINAL UPDATE: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 10 AM ... The majority of the wildfires in Trinity County are at full containment. The South Complex near Hyampom may reach full containment by Labor Day and the River Complex near Denny passed the 50 percent milestone yesterday. The Route, Mad, and Fork Complexes are all at full containment (ie. fire line surrounds the entire perimeter). 

In Del Norte County the Nickowitz Fire is over 70 percent contained and the Gasquet Complex will likely reach 50 percent containment over the weekend. 

Weekend weather is expected to remain relatively cool with favorable humidity levels. Gusting winds may increase and pose a risk of both fanning fires and toppling vulnerable trees and snags. 

Liam Moriarty/JPR

After a summer of record heat and ongoing drought, water conservation is a big concern. Now, tenants of a low-income rental apartment complex in Talent say a management plan to reduce water consumption is going too far by removing lawns, shrubs – and their personal gardens. JPR’s Liam Moriarty checked it out.

Oregon Cabaret Theatre

Ashland's "other professional theatre" is having a landmark year.  The Oregon Cabaret Theatre is under new ownership/managers, and celebrating a 30th season in business.

Artistic Director Valerie Rachelle is our featured guest on this month's First Friday segment. 

The Exchange syncs up with the art world on First Friday, by visiting with listeners about arts events in the coming month.

Join the free-for-all by calling with details about arts events in your town... 800-838-3760 around the region.

Lane County Parks

We love our wide open spaces here in the West. 

Once in a while, it helps to review our plans for some of those spaces, especially the ones we share. 

This is NOT a tale of timber plans... but it IS about Lane County reviewing the Master Plan for county parks.

No one disputes that Army National Guard veteran Brian Babb was a man in crisis. 

But his family and friends dispute the notion that Babb's death at the hands of Eugene Police was the only resolution to his crisis. 

The Lane County District Attorney ruled the Babb shooting justified. 

His family is determined to prevent future such incidents from taking place. 

Christian LInder/Wikimedia

Maybe you've noticed this: you hear a news story about some scientific study making a dramatic finding. 

A few weeks later, you hear of another study that makes the opposite finding. 

Well, it's confounding to scientists, too.  A recent article in SCIENCE found that scientists performing psychology studies could replicate the experiments, but got different results more than half the time. 

The authors of the article are many, and they include Southern Oregon University Assistant Professor Cody Christopherson. 

National Creek Fires Winding Down

Sep 2, 2015

UPDATE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 9:30 A.M. ... Rain and continued mild weather has allowed firefighters to begin wrapping up the National Creek fires near Crater Lake.

All highways remain open, Crater Lake National Park is open and the Pacific Crest trail is conditionally open.

A Type 3 fire management team has replaced the Type 2 team that's managed the fire so far. That indicates the fire is now smaller and is winding down.

The National Creek Complex has burned 15,458 acres and is 70 percent contained.

Jefferson Public Radio will be doing some scheduled maintenance on the Mt. Baldy transmission site in the southern Rogue Valley starting around noon today and likely running into tomorrow. We will need to lower the power of both our FM stations, KSMF 89.1FM and KSRG 88.3FM, so that engineers can work on the tower safely. The signal may sound "scratchy" in some areas in the Medford region that would normally receive a strong signal. Check back for updates.

Tom Banse/Northwest News Network

In southwestern Idaho, biologists are purposefully making a racket this summer to study the value of natural quiet. A Boise State University research team is testing how wildlife and humans respond to noise pollution.

The findings could someday guide solutions to lessen our noisy footprint in the world.

Stouts Fire Facebook page

FINAL UPDATE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 9:45 A.M. ... Crews continue to work to contain the Stouts Creek Fire, conducting repair work and expanding mop-up operations. Crews have been and will continue to be replaced, as necessary.

Fire commanders are preparing to hand the incident back to a local team once full containment is reached.

The fire -- burning since July 30 about 11 miles east of Canyonville in Douglas County--  remains at 26,452 acres and is 92% contained.

Collier Butte Fire: It's a Wrap

Sep 1, 2015
Rich Reuse/John Kern

FINAL UPDATE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 9:15 A.M. ... Fire commanders at the Collier Butte fire -- burning since August 2 in Oregon's Kalmiopsis Wilderness east of Gold Beach -- are wrapping up the fire and handing command of what's left of the incident to a local team.

The fire camp is being dismantled and fire fighters  and equipment are being released to higher-priority fires.

The fire has burned 11,800 acres and stands at 55 percent containment.


Oregon’s state legislature outpaced most of the country this past session when lawmakers passed a tuition waiver program for two years of community college. But that’s no guarantee of “free” school.

KAGI is Off the Air in Grants Pass

Aug 31, 2015

Updated 9/4/15 | 9:00 am -- After repairs earlier this week the microwave transmitter on King Mountain has gone offline again. Our engineer was on site today (Friday, 9/4) at 9:00 am and we hope to have service back up soon.

PNW Smoke Map

UPDATE: MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 11:30 A.M. ... For the first time in over a month, most locations in southern Oregon and northern California report "Good" air quality.

A few monitoring stations -- mostly near the remaining active fires -- have only "Moderate" readings, and one registers "Unhealthy."

But after weeks of hazy, smoky air around the region, the Air Quality Map shows nearly all green dots, indicating "Good" Air Quality Index readings.

Klamath Basin & Northern California Signal Update

Aug 31, 2015

Pacific Power has notified us of scheduled maintenance that will affect JPR service this coming Monday, August 31st in the Klamath Basin and Northern California. Service will be affected from approximately 10am - 3pm in the following counties: Klamath, Lake, Shasta, Siskiyou, Modoc and Lassen. 

We are working to maintain service for as long as possible, however, we are not able to use portable generators due to current fire risk.

Nothing like a little pressure to stimulate the creative or entrepreneurial juices. 

Part-time Ashland resident David Vidmar probably needed plenty of both juices when he took his invention on TV. 

The "Glide Cycle" got Vidmar a spot on CNBC's "Make Me A Millionaire Inventor," with a chance to make money to launch his product. 

Greenleaf Publishing

Even the most fervent believer in sustainability can only do so much alone. 

So it certainly helps when true believers can win converts to the cause. 

Leadership educator Steve Schein has some ideas for how to make that happen, ideas he shares in his book A New Psychology for Sustainability Leadership: The Hidden Power of Ecological Worldviews


MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 10 AM ... Lower temperatures, higher humidity, and rain brought much needed relief to the wildfires of Trinity, Humboldt, and Del Norte counties.

Rain totals over the weekend ranged from a tenth of an inch throughout most of Trinity County to almost two inches near the Gasquet and Nickowitz fire complexes east of Crescent City. 

The favorable weather conditions are expected to persist throughout most of the week as crews continue to make major strides in containment across all the wildfires in the region.

On Friday, September 25th at Noon, JPR will broadcast a live session with singer/songwriter Jonatha Brooke on Open Air.

On Friday, September 18th at Noon, JPR will broadcast a live session with the band HONEYHONEY on Open Air.