fracking en Fracking Moratorium Requested <p>California U.S. Representative Lois Capps has asked for a moratorium on offshore fracking until there's more study. In a letter to the Interior Department and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this week, Capps says she wants the federal government to conduct a study of fracking's impacts to the marine environment.</p><p>A recent report by the Associated Press documented at least a dozen instances of hydraulic fracturing in the Santa Barbara Channel, site of a disastrous 1969 oil platform blowout that spurred the modern environmental movement.</p> Fri, 22 Nov 2013 14:35:24 +0000 Barbara Dellenback 3553 at VENTSday-Filibusters + Fracking <p></p><p>Republicans in the U.S. Senate just blocked another Obama judicial nominee through the "filibuster" rule (60 votes needed to proceed to a real vote), and California just released proposed rules for "fracking."</p><p></p><p>Tell us what YOU think on these issues... Wed, 20 Nov 2013 23:24:00 +0000 Geoffrey Riley & Charlotte Duren 3365 at VENTSday-Filibusters + Fracking