government en Oregon Liquor Laws Under Study <p>An Oregon Liquor Control Commission task force says the state needs to change the system to increase consumer access to spirits.</p><p></p><p>It will be up to the Legislature to decide, and the task force suggested some ideas Thursday in recommendations to the commission. Fri, 08 Nov 2013 14:42:01 +0000 Barbara Dellenback 2759 at Oregon Liquor Laws Under Study State Marijuana Laws Trump Local Ordinances <p>Oregon law trumps local laws that try to ban medical marijuana dispensaries.&nbsp; Ashland Representative Peter Buckley who sponsored the measure passed by the Oregon legislature legalizing the dispensaries, says the state Legislative Counsel made that ruling yesterday.<br />&nbsp;The law takes effect in March 2014.<br />The City of Medford has voted to prohibit any dispensaries in the city. The vote last month, and revealed this week, bans any business licenses if they violate local, state, or federal law. Wed, 16 Oct 2013 14:29:58 +0000 Barbara Dellenback 1417 at Kitzhaber Will Sign All Or None <p>Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber repeated his vow Thursday to veto the bills passed in next week&#39;s special session unless all five of the measures reach his desk.</p><p></p><p>That&#39;s one element of a deal reached by the Democrat and four top legislative leaders in Salem.&nbsp;</p><p> Fri, 27 Sep 2013 14:30:32 +0000 Barbara Dellenback 599 at Kitzhaber Will Sign All Or None Jackson County Commisioners May Leave Party Designations Behind <p>Jackson County Oregon county commissioners may become non-partisan. The county's Board of Commissioners is considering a ballot measure that would change the current partisan set-up of the governing body.&nbsp;</p><p>The Mail Tribune reports that if the measure makes it to the May 2014 ballot and is passed, the language of the county's home rule charter would be amended to make commissioner seats nonpartisan by the May 2016 primary election.</p> Thu, 19 Sep 2013 13:23:42 +0000 Barbara Dellenback 297 at Some Unemployed Californians Need To Wait For Their Checks <p>About 50,000 unemployed Californians have had their benefit checks delayed as the state struggles to implement a computer system upgrade.<br>The Sacramento Bee reports that the Employment Development Department processed about 15,000 of the delayed claims by Tuesday morning and hoped to finish the rest by the end of the week. Wed, 18 Sep 2013 13:29:30 +0000 Barbara Dellenback 287 at Inside the 2012 Race to the White House <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Before the talk about the 2016 presidential election turns serious, can we look back?&nbsp; Washington Post correspondent Dan </span>Balz<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> enjoyed great access to both major-party campaigns during the last election cycle, and he shares the access with readers in his book </span><em style="line-height: 1.5;"><a href=",,9780670025947,00.html" target="_blank"><strong>Collision 2012: Obama vs. Romney and the Future of Elections in America.</strong></a></em></p><p> Fri, 06 Sep 2013 00:10:41 +0000 Geoffrey Riley & Charlotte Duren 192 at Inside the 2012 Race to the White House