Paula Bandy en Animal Love Farm <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Angel hair ears and </span>pompadoured<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> pig’s&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">tail. Brazilian crystals. Speckled hen.</span></p><p>Old wood. Sunning kitty. Mule Mountain. Emerald woods. Open pasture. Scarlet hen’s comb. Sweet smelling barn. Smiling dogs. Cocky crowing roosters. Belly-scratching stumps. Labyrinthine stones. Big-leafed comfrey.</p><p>Why does it feel like I’m singing “My Favorite Things”?</p> Mon, 01 Jul 2013 17:44:47 +0000 Paula Bandy 319 at Animal Love Farm Shake Gently <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>It was a dark and drizzly night when we arrived about 15 minutes fashionably late at a friend’s house for a holiday party. Greeted, and coats taken away, the sounds of lively conversation and laugher filled the living room, but seeing that all the cushy seats were taken we headed into the kitchen. A large table in a window nook was filled with goodies and hors d’oeuvres reflecting colorfully in the glass...but then I spied the kitchen counter cluttered with numerous bottles of exotic liqueurs. Tue, 01 Jan 2013 18:44:57 +0000 Paula Bandy 331 at Shake Gently Where Has Beauty Gone? <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Several years ago, on one of my first trips by train to Portland, I noticed how shabby and garbage-ridden the backs of buildings along the train tracks were. Part of the trip from Klamath Falls north is through beautiful landscapes — huge fir forests, deep canyons and rocky cliffs — and then the closer we got to civilization and cities the more decayed and neglected the land appeared from the train. Sun, 01 Jul 2012 17:42:19 +0000 Paula Bandy 318 at Piecing It Together <p>As 2011 accelerated toward closing I looked back over the year and felt ragged. Like a picket fence in need of repair and new paint — rustic and unpolished. True, there were accomplishments. I had completed the coursework for my doctorate and via an intense diet was on my way back to fighting weight. But the constancy of doubt, instability and the world’s woes loomed large. It seemed that for every good and decent thing, there was more difficulty. Sun, 01 Jan 2012 18:40:42 +0000 Paula Bandy 330 at An Arts Bar(d) <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">After a quick drive to town and a frenzied parking search a little before </span>8pm<span style="line-height: 1.5;">, I spent the next several minutes walking around to every place I could think of that had a TV I might be able to watch. The TV’s that I found were on and not all were being watched, but when I asked for a particular show, each person’s brows raised, and they shook their head. Not one was even remotely interested in accommodating my programming choice. Fri, 01 Jul 2011 17:38:47 +0000 Paula Bandy 317 at The Importance Of Being Playful <p>I am a refrigerator decorator. Oh yes you might think, as you imagine the door covered in orderly fashion with photos of family, friends, good time memories…but this is not what I mean. On my fridge door there are no family pictures (except one of a dear deceased cat, Elvis, whose holding magnet is a red crown), no sentimental cards, doodles or to do lists. Wed, 01 Dec 2010 21:15:08 +0000 Paula Bandy 342 at Buddy <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">The end began on a dark, icy night in February. I came home about 10:30 to find my dear Buddy lying on the bed, his favorite spot to be sure, but he always greeted me at the door when I came home. Within a half an hour he felt cold and seemed almost comatose as I frantically called the emergency doctor.&nbsp; He was 45 minutes away but would come to my house in what seemed like the opposite end of the world to lift my 55 pound dog into my car and guide me to the clinic. I wasn’t sure if Buddy would live. In fact, I felt he was dying.</span></p> Thu, 01 Jul 2010 17:37:01 +0000 Paula Bandy 316 at Moon Promenade <p>A bright light shining directly through the window awakens me. Sleepy and startled I blink at the illumination covering the comforter I’m curled under. Although the colors are washed out, I can actually see the pattern of the flowers on it. It takes me a few seconds before I realize that it is not an unnatural light, but the dazzling light of the December full moon. I breathe in wonder at this spotlight from 238,854 thousand miles away and how it comes in through my window at the precise angle to bathe me. Fri, 01 Jan 2010 18:38:12 +0000 Paula Bandy 329 at