Listener Announcements

Winter storms and severe ice at our microwave translator sites caused the Rhythm & News service and the News & Information service to go off the air in Shasta County. Our engineer has limited access to the site due to heavy snow fall and icy conditions. He will visit the site as soon as it is safe to do so. We will post further updates here as we learn more. 

Out With The Old In With The New

Dec 18, 2015

As we greet 2016, we're making some significant changes to the JPR members' magazine, The Jefferson Monthly. Effective March, 2016, The Jefferson Monthly is becoming The Jefferson Journal.  The Jefferson Journal will arrive in your mailbox every two months starting with the March/April issue.  We’ll take a publishing hiatus in January and February in order to redesign and launch the new publication – which will include all the favorite content our readers tell us they enjoy most as well as a few added features.

Outage Update In Siskiyou & Shasta Counties

Dec 15, 2015

Updated 12/17/2015 | 8pm -- Power went off again on Soda Mountain today and has been intermittent.  When power stabilized late in the day our audio didn't recover. Our engineer will need to snowmobile into the site tomorrow.  In the meantime all our services are off air, except for News and Information in Shasta County.

Updated 12/17/15 | 8pm -- A fallen tree on the power line is being cleared on Gilbert's Peak. We're focusing our energy on helping the site owner get this accomplished.  We'll keep you posted.

Updated 12/16/15 | 4pm -- It appears the cause of the power outage on Gilbert's Peak is a severed line going up the mountain on private property.  We are exploring alternative ways to get power to the site while the break in the line is found.

Weather Related Outages in the Klamath Basin

Dec 15, 2015
Darin Ransom | JPR Director of Engineering

Updated 12/17/2015 | 8pm -- Power went off again on Soda Mountain today and has been intermittent.  When power stabilized late in the day our audio didn't recover. Our engineer will need to snowmobile into the site tomorrow.  In the meantime all our services are off air.

TVA Architects

Jefferson Public Radio (JPR), extends the regional educational mission of Southern Oregon University (SOU) by promoting lifelong learning, providing access to diverse arts and cultural programming, and fostering the intellectual growth and civic engagement of Southern Oregon and Northern California communities.

TVA Architects

Click on the slide show above for architectural renderings and current site photos of the JPR Studio and Oregon Center for the Arts complex by TVA Architects.

TVA Architects


  • February, 2016: Design work completed
  • March, 2016: Construction bidding and selection of general contractor
  • June, 2016: Groundbreaking, construction begins
  • May/June, 2017: Project completed, grand opening


Weather Related Outages Across the Listening Area

Dec 14, 2015

Updated 12/14/15 | 4:45 pm -- We have confirmation that the outage in Grants Pass was caused by a power outage to the microwave relay site at Gilbert Peak. We are waiting for an estimate from PP&L on when they can restore power to the site 

Updated 12/14/15 | 2:50 pm -- An additional event has caused an outage on 930 AM, the News & Information Service in Grants Pass. Our engineer is working on finding out what caused the outage. 

The News & Information signal to Grants Pass is experiencing frequent pauses and silences due to intermittent microwave issues at our King Mountain site. This issue can be exacerbated by windy or icy weather. Our engineer has made an adjustment that may alleviate the problem.

This past summer I wrote about NPR’s plan to restructure its newsroom shifting resources from beat reporters covering single issues to interdisciplinary teams. The goal of this approach is to provide more holistic coverage of complex issues from diverse vantage points. Also central to this effort is a new commitment by NPR to integrate the work of local station and regional reporters into its coverage.

Kiaterna Design

Jefferson Public Radio presents the 35th Annual Wine Tasting & Silent Auction on Thursday, February 11, 2016 from 6-9PM at Ashland Springs Hotel. This year’s event features the same wealth of wine to taste with over 40 regional wineries gathering to pour for over 400 guests. The evening also offers samples of some of the region's best culinary creations from a diverse group of restaurants and caterers.

Rhythm & News Back On The Air in Grants Pass!

Nov 23, 2015

Upated 11/25/15 | 3:00 pm -- We just received word from our engineer that our Grants Pass Rhythm & News translaor at 97.7 FM is back on the airwaves! We thank all of our listeners for their collective patience throughout the week, and wish you a happy Thanksgiving Holiday. Be sure to tune in to 97.7 for our special programming throughout the day!

2015 Holiday Specials

Nov 2, 2015

This holiday season, JPR presents a big gift box of special programming for you. And now, to start unwrapping...

Classics & News Service

Stories And Grace

Nov 1, 2015

On the morning after the horrific mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg I listened to Morning Edition intently to learn more about the tragic events of the previous day.  That morning NPR aired a StoryCorps segment that reminded me of the power of personal stories to put in context even the darkest reaches of the human experience.

We are experiencing a failure of the microwave relay system that feeds our audio to King Mountain, which affects all our services in Josephine County and Douglas Counties. Listeners have reported experiencing periodic sharp declines in signal quality, including 'static' sounds and digital noise. Our engineer is working on both a long term and short term solution.

Making Radiowaves

Oct 1, 2015

This past summer has been an active time here at JPR as we’ve been addressing both long and short term issues that impact our service to the region.  I thought I’d take a moment to update you on some of those recent developments.

Jackson County News And Information Service Gets FM Frequency

After about a year of concentrated effort to acquire and construct an FM translator for our News and Information Service in Jackson County, we were finally successful and able to begin service on 102.3FM in mid-September.  

JPR's News and Information Service is now available on 102.3FM in the Rogue Valley! After nearly a year of concentrated effort to acquire and construct an FM translator for our News and Information Service in Jackson County, we began service today. Broadcasting is a highly regulated industry and the effort to make this happen was multi-layered, requiring extensive legal and technical work and the joint support of Southern Oregon University and the JPR Foundation.

Grammys.... Oscars... Rusty Hubcaps

Sure, Sam Smith is talented. But he still hasn't won the most coveted award out there: The Rusty Hubcap!

Every year, The Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program presents awards to distinguished public radio stations across the nation to recognize the special achievements of public radio listeners supporting their local station by donating a vehicle. Jefferson Public Radio is currently in the lead for 2015 in a very special category: Oldest Donated Vehicle!