Federal Judge In Hawaii Blocks Trump's Third Attempt At Travel Ban

A federal judge in Hawaii has partially blocked President Trump's third attempt to restrict entry into the U.S. for citizens of certain countries. The newest version of the "travel ban" was due to go into effect on Wednesday. Like two previous executive orders, it was challenged in multiple courts. The new ruling by Judge Derrick Watson is only one piece of the complicated legal puzzle over the long-term fate of the president's efforts to limit travel to the U.S. In his ruling, Watson wrote...

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JPR Live Session: Mipso (2017)

Chapel Hill’s indie Americana quartet Mipso are influenced by the contradiction of their progressive home and the surrounding rural southern landscapes. Currently celebrating the release of their new album Coming Down The Mountain , Mipso ventures further than ever from their string-band pedigree to discover a broader Americana where classic folk-rock and modern alt-country sounds mingle easily with Appalachian tradition. Adding drums and electric instruments to their intimate four-part harmonies and powerful acoustic meld, Mipso’s music is lush and forward moving, with words that sear and salve in turn.

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Thegreenj, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2877208

How "Big Chicken" Changed How We Eat

Nobody likes to be called a big chicken, and there's a good chance the poultry industry won't appreciate the term, either. But journalist Maryn McKenna says the power and practices of the business lend themselves to the name. She uses it for the title of her book, too: Big Chicken: The Incredible Story of How Antibiotics Created Modern Agriculture and Changed the Way the World Eats . Note the focus on antibiotics, still used in chickens at a time when doctors are warning against the casual use of the drugs.

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Why World Hunger Isn't Going Away As Fast As We'd Hoped

Rob Vos has been tracking global hunger for years, and he says until recently the mood among his fellow hunger experts was almost giddy. Since 1990 the world had made so much progress curbing hunger that, in 2015, leaders met at the United Nations and vowed to eliminate hunger for good by 2030. "We actually were saying, well, there's still some hurdles, but we can do this. We can end hunger within our generation," says Vos, formerly a key official at the United Nations Food and Agricultural...

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If You Want An IUD, Take Note Of Trump's New Birth Control Policy

The Trump administration has made a number of changes to health policy in the past two weeks, raising questions about how consumers will be affected. Will the new rules for birth control coverage affect access to an intrauterine device? Might an association health plan help bring down costs for workers at small businesses? And if you're healthy, doesn't a short-term health plan that is cheaper than marketplace coverage make sense? Here are some answers to those questions. IUDs are expensive....

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UPDATE (2:23 p.m. PST) Oregon's Department of Justice has concluded that Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer did not commit criminal acts by destroying public records and issuing handgun licenses to out-of-state residents. 

A bill sponsored by several U.S. House members from the Northwest aims to overturn two recent court decisions on Columbia and Snake river dams.

Last year, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon rejected the federal plan for managing dams to protect salmon in the Columbia River Basin.

Daniel Mayer, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8935963

Maybe the big infrastructure bill President Trump promised has not emerged.  But specific projects are getting approved, including in our region. 

The city of Weed has some money coming from the federal government, $2.4 Million for improvements in and around the South Weed Interchange. 

How much of an effect can working on one interchange have on the local economy?  The city says up to 80 jobs. 


Our society came to the conclusion that keeping people locked up in mental hospitals was unfair.  But the system that followed can hardly be called a system. 

People with mental illness don't often go to the hospital, but they can end up on the streets or in jail. 

Compass House in Medford offers an alternative... a "clubhouse" model in which people help themselves and each other back from mental illness. 

Clayton Cochran/Instagram via CalFire

By Friday morning, the wine country fires collectively had become the deadliest outbreak of fires in California history, to no one's surprise.

Eight of the deaths occurred in Mendocino County, in the Mendocino Lake Complex Fires.  The number is expected to go up, and more days of fire lie ahead, unless the weather forecast is very wrong.

Residents who had to flee the fires took shelter in Ukiah and Willits. 

Ashley Tressel has been covering the story for the Ukiah Daily Journal.

Autonomous Cars Without Backup Drivers Could Soon Hit California Roads

Oct 12, 2017
Luke Jones / Flickr

California could soon allow companies developing autonomous vehicles to test them on public roads without a driver or even a steering wheel. New proposed rules also set a path for driverless cars coming to the public.

The official who heads the Oregon Department of Education stepped down Wednesday. Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Salam Noor had been appointed to the job by Gov. Kate Brown in 2015.

The state of Oregon has reached settlements in a lawsuit filed against it by the lead civil rights attorney for the Oregon Department of Justice, as well as a separate lawsuit filed by the head of the Urban League of Portland.

Erious Johnson filed suit in 2016 after it came to light that he had been the subject of a digital surveillance operation by one of his own colleagues at the Department of Justice.

Washington’s economic climate is the fourth best in the nation. That’s according to a new report by produced by Washington’s Economic and Revenue Forecast Council.

Protesters and teachers met U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos on her visit to McMinnville High School Wednesday.

DeVos said she wanted to visit the school because of its high achievement rates. She emerged from an Advanced Placement class toward the end of the high school day, smiling.


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