Boston Right-Wing 'Free Speech' Rally Dwarfed By Counterprotesters

Updated at 4:53 p.m. ET A small number of right-wing "Free Speech Rally" demonstrators disbanded early from Boston Common after they were confronted by thousands of counterprotesters shouting anti-Nazi and anti-KKK slogans. Deborah Becker, a reporter with member station WBUR in Boston , said that "a few dozen" rally attendees were escorted from Parkman Bandstand by police and placed into police vehicles "for their own safety." "The counterdemonstrators cheered as the group was escorted out of...

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JPR Live Session: Eddie Berman

Eddie Berman grew up in Southern California and taught himself guitar and piano. He fell in love with the troubadour styles of Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk as a teenager and learned to fingerpick on his father’s 1950s Martin guitar, first writing his own songs as a college student at Berkeley. He made waves in the acoustic music world half a decade ago when his bedroom demos were given significant airplay on influential LA radio station KCRW.

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Be Smart: A Partial Eclipse Can Fry Your Naked Eyes The day of the long-awaited coast-to-coast solar eclipse has arrived — and if history is any guide, it's likely that somebody's eyes are going to get hurt. "The ones we're really concerned about are the people who have never seen an eclipse before — or just decided that, you know, 'Today is a nice day to go take a look at a solar eclipse' — and, 'Oh, I probably don't need to do very much to get ready to do that.' Then I get worried," says Ralph Chou...

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California Prepares For An Eclipse Of Its Solar Power

Spectators around the country are gearing up, eclipse glasses at the ready, for the solar eclipse on Monday. But another group — perhaps more anxious than eager — is preparing as well: the people who run California's electric grid. California is home to almost half of all the solar power in the country. So even a partial loss of the sun will mean a major dip in the energy supply. "We're doing a lot of coordination, a lot of preparation," says Deane Lyon, a manager at the California...

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Scrambling The Major Parties With "The Centrist Project"

The two major political parties have lost a bunch of ground in recent decades. The people who self-identify as "independent" far outnumber the people who identify as either Democrat or Republican. But nearly all major political figures are party members. That is precisely the situation the Centrist Project wants to change. The projects wants to get independent candidates elected at all levels of government, but especially the U.S. Senate... because electing a handful of independents would deny either party a majority.

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Oregon's Jobless Rate At 3.8 Percent

Aug 16, 2017

Oregon enjoyed another month of job growth, with strong hiring reported in several major industries.

The state Employment Department said Tuesday the jobless rate for July was 3.8 percent, slightly higher than Oregon's record-low. At this time last year, the rate was 5.1 percent.

Another unemployment measure, known as U-6, was at 7.6 percent in July — down from 10.4 percent a year ago. The figure includes discouraged workers who stopped looking as well as part-time workers who want but can't get full-time jobs.

An outpouring of community support has led Oregon governor Kate Brown to reverse a decision to veto state funds for the renovation of the historic Holly Theatre in Medford. But she followed through on veto threats for two other projects championed by Medford’s state representative. 


FINAL UPDATE: TUESDAY, AUG. 15 ...  Fire officials have declared the Flounce Fire near Prospect,  OR, to be 90 percent contained. Final measurement of the fire sizes it at 587 acres; firefighters were finally able to safely walk the perimeter yesterday and complete the mapping and measuring of the fire. All evacuations have been lifted. 

Tiny Oregon Town Hosts Celebration Of A Well-Loved Film

Aug 15, 2017
Mitchell Johnson/JPR

In the summer of 1985, Hollywood film crews flooded the tiny town of Brownsville, Oregon, south of Corvallis. They were filming the movie Stand By Me, about four young boys who set off down the train tracks in search of the dead body of a missing child.

Now, every summer, the town hosts Stand By Me Day. It’s a celebration of the coming-of-age classic, and a mecca for the movie’s biggest fans. JPR’s Mitchell Johnson attended the event, and brings us this audio postcard ...


That was fast.  Alaska-based Peninsula Air, "Pen Air", began flying to several airports in our region just last year. 

Now Pen Air has filed for bankruptcy and announced the ending of flights to Portland from Redding, Klamath Falls, Coos Bay/North Bend, Crescent City and Eureka/Arcata

That leaves Klamath Falls with no airline service for a second time in five years. 

U.S. Census Bureau

Help wanted: teachers.  The need for teachers will stay strong for years to come, partly because so many are retiring of late. 

What adds pressure to the situation is the numbers of people training to be teachers... it is not keeping up with the rise in the numbers of students. 

Oregon and California both have fairly high teacher turnover rates. 

The Learning Policy Institute tracks these and many other numbers. 

Eugene Rallies for Charlottesville

Aug 15, 2017

Monday night hundreds took the streets of Eugene in protest of the violence that arose between white supremacists and counter protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, which resulted in the death of a young woman, Heather Heyer, as well as many other injuries when a 20 year-old man drove his car through a crowd of counter protestors.

Bert Johnson/KQED

Nathan Damigo, leader of the California-based white nationalist organization Identity Evropa, says that the violent ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend that left three dead might turn out to be an opportunity to connect with more recruits for his organization.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of people who are going to, for the first time, realize that they’re not getting the full story,” he told KQED in an interview on Monday.

'Granny Pods' Help Keep Portland Affordable

Aug 15, 2017

Earlier this year, Michelle Labra got a notice that the rent on her family's two-bedroom apartment was doubling, from around $620 a month to more than $1,300.

She worried she was being priced out of Portland and would have to move to the suburbs.

California Assembly Leaders Face Rebellions From Party Grassroots

Aug 14, 2017

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) is the target of a recall effort after shelving a single-payer health care bill for the year.

Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley) is fending off calls to resign his leadership post – including a looming vote Friday night of the state GOP board of directors – after he negotiated a cap-and-trade deal with Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.


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